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UPDATE  -  April - December, 2020

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Update by Thanaphon Paewsoongnern

‘Get Covid-19 in Chiang Mai, collect 100,000 baht’ tourism groups pledge

Despite being hit with several new coronavirus cases this week, Chiang Mai tourism officials say, “If you get Covid-19 in Chiang Mai, we’ll pay you 100,000 baht.”



Thailand News

Thailand popular Co-payment scheme extended for five million more registrants

The new phase will give 3,500-baht subsidies for each person, increased from 3,000 baht given in the first phase and will start on Jan 1 and runs until March 31.


 Travel tourism

‘Amazing Thailand’ offers ‘Expat Travel Bonus’ best hotel deals in Chiang Mai

Make booking your next trip a (kinda cold) breeze!

Spend your vacation wisely with our best hotel deals in Chiang Mai and other northern cities. Starting at

500 THB only


Khun Ocha's Cookbook

Chicken in American Mustard sauce

Chicken breast can be bought everywhere and this a most nutritious, and easily prepared dish using ingredients found in the home kitchen. The yellow American mustard gives the color and flavor to this dish. The addition of the garlic just heightens the flavors. If you want to give it an “Asian” flavor, sprinkle with chopped coriander before serving. An ideal main dish for a dinner party at home.



November 2020


 Coins of the Realm

1000 BAHT 1949 - 1952 (Part 2)

In last issue of the Pattaya Mail, Friday November 20-December 2, 2020 I wrote about the 1000 Baht 1949-1952 printed By Thomas de la Rue & Company Limited London (TdlR).


Doctor's Consultation

The fun that comes with getting older

I celebrated another birthday last week. “Celebrated” is probably the wrong word at my age. “Cried” would probably have been more appropriate as one watches the years tick by and you are left wondering just how many more are left. Despite everything, you cannot live forever. Probably a good thing as a world populated by centenarians would be a trifle daunting and overcrowded too.



Manipulating the image

There is more to photography than just ‘record’ shots. These shots are those you take of your wife at the beach with her sister and your brother-in-law. You know what I mean, and you have taken lots of them in your lifetime. Photographically, we call these ‘record’ shots as all they are doing is recording an event. No ‘art’ or even artistic input by the photographer required. “Hold it, one, two, three,” and you’ve got that record shot. Not something to blow up and use as wall art.


Classical Connections     Wine World

Sax Therapy

I’ve always had a soft spot for the saxophone, even since I was a teenager. At the time, I was especially impressed with the lyrical playing of Frank Trumbauer whose 1927 recording with Bix Beiderbecke of Singing the Blues was considered a jazz classic. I once laboriously wrote out the music by listening to the record over and over again. Trumbauer was particularly associated with the C-melody saxophone which had a lovely singing tone, though the instrument is rarely seen today.


Persistent Myth

Some time ago, I was having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (now sadly gone) and I noticed someone at a nearby table ordering a bottle of wine. My ears instinctively switched into bionic mode and I realized that he was ordering a fairly ordinary but reliable French wine, often seen in these parts. A few minutes later, the waitress appeared, opened the bottle and poured a sample. This was airily dismissed with something like, “Oh, I know this wine; I don’t need to taste it.” Of course, the man had missed the point entirely.



Heart to Heart  

Pass the nuts

Sir, Madam or whatever, as the case may be,

Your age, gender and nationality remains a mystery and all three of your regular readers are concerned about your qualifications to dispense what they often consider questionable advice. Would you therefore please be so kind as to confirm or otherwise the following?


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Science & Technology

Thailand brings NASA air quality data down to earth

For decades, NASA has used the vantage point of space, combined with airborne and ground-based field campaigns, to decipher the impact of air pollution and help other agencies protect people when unhealthy air threatens the places they live, work, and play. Now, government agencies in Thailand are harnessing the power of NASA air quality data and expertise through a unique partnership with SERVIR.



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