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UPDATE  -  April - October, 2020

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Update by Thanaphon Paewsoongnern

Chiang Mai Food Festival
 kicks off Nov. 6

Fifty top restaurants will highlight northern cuisine amid a backdrop of dramatic lighting and live music at the Chiang Mai Food Festival Nov. 6-14 at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport.



Thailand News

Thailand among the first nations to launch COVID-19 vaccine

Thailand’s development of COVID-19 vaccines are on track, with a goal to make an effective vaccine available in the country to be among the first in the world.


 Travel tourism

Tourists enjoy cool weather below 10 degrees Celsius at Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

It will soon be the high tourist season for northern destinations. Many people are visiting famous attractions in Chiang Mai, especially at Doi Inthanon. The hilltop weather has already dipped into single digits.


Business News

Thai GDP to fall by 8.3% this year

The World Bank warns that the Thai economy can shrink by 8.3% this year and may take nearly three years to recover.



September 2020


 Coins of the Realm

Thai Banknotes 10th Series

Officially, the last banknote Thomas de la Rue & Company Limited London (TdlR) produced for Thailand was the 100 Baht, Tenth Series, announced on May 16, 1968.


Doctor's Consultation

This is Pinktober

We are in “Pinktober”, a breast cancer awareness program charity drive to assist the poor under the care of the Thanyarak Foundation (under the patronage of the late Princess Mother Sri Nagarindra). Unfortunately, we are still looking for a cure for many cancers, but the research is continuing.



How did we end up with 35 mm?

Even though few people still use film, the most common denominator has been 35 mm, and despite the fact that the world has gone digital, the reference is still to use 35 mm as the yardstick. The focal length of your digital camera lens may be expressed as being “equivalent to 35 mm” for example.


Classical Connections     Wine World

Job for the Boys

King’s College, England.

If you do a search for “boy choir” on YouTube and trawl through the countless videos that appear, you might be surprised to see the vast number of boy choirs that exist. It might also surprise you, as it did me, to see that huge numbers of them apparently exist to perform popular music and little else. There are endless boy choir versions of pop songs, folk songs, gospel songs, Christmas carols and music from shows and movies.


Cheap Fizz

Cantina Montelliana, Treviso.

One of the enduring puzzles about Italian wine is that the name shown on the label can be one of four different things. It could be the name of the grape (e.g. Moscato), the name of the wine region (e.g. Chianti), the name of the town from which the wine comes (e.g. Bardolino) or in many cases, the name of the wine producer (e.g. Frescobaldi). But one wine springs to mind that is especially confusing in the nomenclature department. It’s



Heart to Heart  

Perennial Miss Write

Dear Hillary,

I’ve read all the books, listened to the wise advice from the old hands, and still I get stymied in my attempts to find these elusive “good women” that you talk about.  Just where are they?  I don’t see any beating a path to my door, no matter how open I leave it.  Where or what am I supposed to do next?

Big Al


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Science & Technology

NASA's Chandra opens treasure trove of cosmic delights

Humanity has "eyes" that can detect all different types of light through telescopes around the globe and a fleet of observatories in space. From radio waves to gamma rays, this "multiwavelength" approach to astronomy is crucial to getting a complete understanding of objects in space.



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