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Update September 2017

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern

Heart to Heart with Hillary


 Update September 23, 2017

Dear Hillary,

I read that you finally got your tunnel open. Well done! And it was only three years too! I see that not only has the tunnel fixed the traffic jams, but it has also fixed the revenue section at the police station. The sign that says no motorcycles is plain enough, but in the first three days 18 of them apparently couldn’t read the sign and had to cough up 1,000 baht for the pleasure. Perhaps this is why motorcyclists feature so high in the deaths on the road?



Dear Greg,

I am all for anything to cut down the road toll, Petal, but I’m not sure that there are too many deaths attributable to tunnels. Especially ones only a few hundred meters long divided and straight. It’s not as if it were the Mont Blanc Tunnel (11 km) is it?


Dear Hillary,

(In response to a contributor suggesting older ladies for foreigners, rather than the younger ones.) The odds of a woman over thirty getting married in Thailand is on par with getting hit by lightning on a cloudless day. I would imagine the “friend” saw a vulnerable old fool and slipped him a ‘free one’ ... oldest trick in the book. No doubt her suitcases had been behind the door since the funeral.



Dear JWH,

How many cynical pills did you eat this morning? There are many over 30’s Thai who get married, just the same as the over 30’s in other countries. The over 30’s ladies who try again with men (well) over 30 should be encouraged, not discouraged, by people like you. They do make for good, faithful spouses.

Dear Hillary,

Re the couple who wanted to know where to eat. I suggest Apex and Lek hotels buffets as each have at least 30 buffet items at 110 B when you buy 10 tickets, when splurging the Hilton has several bargain days/nights that are affordable. All of these are on 2nd. Rd. A favorite for Tex Mex is Beefeaters, just 20 meters off 2nd. Rd. pricier at 329 B but, all you can eat, including ribs. Central Mall has every fast food outlet (not junk food & I luv all) you can name & Mac & King have constant price wars. Hillary was correct as there are many street food vendors but I like to sit down when I eat.



Dear Don,

Thank you for enlightening me regarding the cheaper end of town. As I wrote, in answer to the query, there are just so many places to eat, and even the side of the road eateries supply seats, Don. You should know that.


Dear Hillary,

You seem to be on the side of the bar girls, making excuses for them, to make us feel sorry for them. Well I don’t. There are plenty of jobs for young women. They don’t have to enter the oldest profession. There are newer ones that pay good money. They are just lazy and it is easy to make money on your back than on your feet. You can see how it goes – bar and hook a punter or two, after a few years back to the village and open a beauty salon. By that stage her daughter is in the bar and the once bar girl is now a grandmother and looking after the daughter’s children. Nothing in that scenario to be sorry for them.


Dear Bill,

You have described to situation very well, but you don’t say how do these country girls get out of the bar-beauty salon-grandmother cycle? You should read Mango Rains (advert in this newspaper) and get a better idea of life up country.


Have I found THE girl? There is a bar close to where I live, so I have been going there for a drink after work. Recently a new girl there has been giving me lots of attention, but never even asks for a ‘lady drink’, but I can see that all the other girls back off, so apparently she must be mine. Or is it that I am hers? Anyway, she is a nice girl, so I wouldn’t mind having her as a GF. How well should a guy know the girl before buying her out of the bar? It’s not cheap these days either.



Dear Glen,

You have to ask yourself, why is she working in a bar? There are other jobs she could take up, such as sales girl, 7-Eleven counter, waitress, fast food server and the like. I get a lot of tales of woe from chaps who take a lady from the bar on a more permanent basis. Remember the old adage, “You can take a girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.” I take it from your email that you are young (under 30) and have not been here long. Answer me, do you really want somebody at home, getting under your feet and who will have very different social skills? You would be extremely lucky to find THE girl, Petal.

Update September 16, 2017

Dear Hillary,

I have been coming to Thailand for over 20 years, I used to come 2/3 times a year. I now only come once a year, the reason being the Thai THB. Over the last few years I have noticed how many shops, bars, go go bars have closed down. Most people now are staying away or going to Cambodia or Vietnam which are better value. I will give you one example (Emirates) airline has taken one flight off per day from one UK airport going into Suvarnabhumi international, let’s say there were 250 people per flight per day, that’s 1,750 per week, 7,000 per month. Total 84,000 for one year, this is just one airline, this is surely is having a great effect in the Thai economy ?????, so Hillary if you have any influence with the powers to be, tell them to wake up and smell the coffee. If the Thai THB was between 65/70 and not 40 to the pound, the economy would be better for all concerned (shops, bars, go go bars) the whole of the Thai economy would benefit, then I would start visiting Thailand more often.

Phil Shropshire England


Dear Phil from Shropshire,

Thank you for your in depth examination of the current tourism sector in Pattaya with reference to the UK. Looking first at the value of the THB – this value depends upon many factors, far more than I know of, but I can remember when it was 70 THB to the Pound Sterling. This was great for visitors and catastrophic for those of us who lived here. Everything seemed to cost double, so you can’t say that the whole of the Thai economy would benefit. Influence on the powers that be? I’m just a little voice in the wilderness, I’m afraid. Now you are only looking at the UK tourism. Now, will it surprise you to know that the Chinese tourism surpasses UK? And the Russians are coming back too. Finally, even at 40 THB Thailand offers you more holiday fun than Shropshire!

Dear Hillary,

The tunnel is finally open, after three years of digging. Why didn’t they just use an overhead roadway? Much cheaper, much quicker. Now they are talking about digging two more of these. Why? Or is there a secret agenda somewhere?



Dear Max,

I honestly don’t know, my Petal. Well outside my scope. If the tunnels are going to make you heart-broken, write again. I can help broken hearts but I’m useless at digging tunnels.


Dear Hillary,

Why do the shops open so late? Some of the big shopping centers don’t open till 11 a.m. They must be losing money. Are you a morning shopper, Hillary?



Dear Jaz,

Yes, I am a morning shopper, but there are plenty of supermarkets open early, some 24 hours a day. Pattaya has everything if you would just stop and look around you. I should point out that shopping for me is a half loaf of bread and sliced salami. Also, don’t try and buy alcohol between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. That’s when the school children are banned from the shops, so none of us can have an afternoon’s tipple at home.


Dear Hillary,

Please read my letter carefully. I have nothing against Thailand, but I do have an issue with all these old men you see out at night. Don’t they know what they look like? Walking down the street with a young woman (teenagers even) on their arm. They all have such smug looks on their faces with a ‘Look at me, aren’t I clever’ expression. Don’t they know, or doesn’t anybody tell them that they are just being taken for a ride? They’re not clever. They’re stupid. I have come over here on holiday from the UK and I am shocked by what I see here, going on night and day. I can put up with the endless beer bars with young women trying to get people to sit down and drink. I can put up with the fact there are go-go bars with women displaying their bodies as some sort of tourist attraction, but I cannot put up with the way old foreign men walk around with barely teenage Thai girls hanging on to their arm.



Dear Marie,

When you say, “They all have such smug looks on their faces with a ‘Look at me, aren’t I clever’ expression” are you referring to the old foreign men, or the barely teenage girls, Petal? Honestly Marie, this can be applied to both of them. They are smiling because they have found themselves in a situation which is good for both of them. The young girls have found a ‘sponsor’, whilst the old foreign men have found themselves a gorgeous young thing (call her a ‘carer’ if you like) who will take care of their every need. So just what is so wrong with that, Petal? It is a win-win situation, so no need to be shocked. Can the ‘man from the UK’ get a deal like that back home in the UK? No, so let him enjoy his holiday.

Update September 9, 2017

Dear Hillary,

Took a motorbike taxi the other day. There were two of us and we shared the same bike. As you have advised many times, we agreed to a fare before we got on. It wasn’t far, just down to the supermarket so we thought 60 baht was reasonable. When we got there he asked for 120 baht, getting the message across that the fare is per person. I’ve never heard of this before. Were we being ripped off?



Dear Vonnie,

With two up there is more wear and tear, more fuel used and so I can understand his way of thinking. There also is the fact that you are a tourist! Not much you can do about it now, but next time you know to barter the fares for two!


Dear Hillary,

I have been a loyal supporter of your particular column. I find your column very rewarding in that it is sort of like group therapy for us Thailand stricken folks. I find you very caring, loving, but mostly supportive of one and all who write in with their trials and tribulations that are sincere and straightforward. There are certainly so many varied experiences that us farangs encounter when first arriving at the gates to heaven on earth. I do not want to get into any long stories about my particular adventures in the wonderful land of smiles, but suffice to say, they have all been earth shattering, and downright addictive in nature. After many years of learning from my mistakes, I now find myself engaged in a loving, caring, and real marriage to a bar girl. In my eyes, and that’s the key; if we truly fall in love with another human being, then we should be willing to ignore all the flack, and give all our hearts and souls into that relationship, and embrace that individual’s culture and customs and adapt! Simple as that! I think the key is learn from our mistakes! And make the necessary adjustments if that is really what you want. MONEY! Money is for here and now, so let’s enjoy all our adventures, good and bad, and try to make this planet a better place for everyone, not just the chosen few. Thanks very much for all your hard and entertaining work Ms. Hillary.



Dear Jack,

Thank you for all the nice words. It is always nice to think that someone appreciates what goes into the column. You are also very caring and loving, and have obviously developed a broader viewpoint of life, and as you say, “let’s enjoy all our adventures, good and bad, and try to make this planet a better place for everyone, not just the chosen few.” I also like your philosophy on love, especially putting hearts and souls into the relationship. Sure, you may get burned on the way through, but it is never the end of the world. If you made money once, you can make it again. If you loved once, you can love again. And you are right, my Petal. Learn from your mistakes – in everything in life. Again thank you. You made my world a better place today as well. Now I think I’ll go and bark at somebody, just in case they think I’ve gone soft!


Dear Hillary,

I do get tired of reading about all these people who complain they have been ripped off by Thai women. My first Thai wife and I had a wonderful relationship which only ended after 10 years when she died. My second Thai wife has just been so loving and caring. She was a friend of my previous wife and she knew the sad story, but was there to support me. The men who write in to you, Hillary, should start to look at older women and not these flirty young gold diggers they see in the bars.



Dear Robert,

It always pleases me to get emails like yours. You are correct that Thai women can be the most supportive women on earth. You are a very lucky man Robert, who looked beyond the beer bars.


Dear Hillary,

My wife and I are coming over before Xmas. We have read that the roadside food stalls will be removed as the hygiene is poor and people can get very sick. We eat simple meals at home here, so we’re not looking for Michelin stars. We will be in Pattaya for a week, so can you give us some help?

Ally and Mike


Dear Ally and Mike,

You will be blown away with the choices available from any of our over 400 restaurants. My best advice is to read the Dining Out columns in this paper and you will soon see what kind of cuisine is on offer, and the price range in food. By the way, there will still be very good roadside food available. It’s just some misguided soul trying to make Bangkok into a European eatery, instead of promoting the Asian, much loved, ordinary food. The general advice is always don’t eat food that has been sitting in pots and getting cold. Eat food that has been cooked in front of you. Come and enjoy yourselves!

Update September 2, 2017

Dear Hillary,

I like my social drinks (mainly beer, though sometimes spirits and don’t take too much as I am wary of the cops and their blitz on drinking). My girlfriend doesn’t drink, so when we go out, I always know that she can drive us home. That’s the plan anyway, but when I think I’m over the limit and ask her to drive, she refuses, saying she doesn’t have a license and has never told me! I see her drive her motorcycle, so she can drive. I told her to get a license but she says OK and then does nothing. What’s the next step?



Dear Grant,

It’s all too obvious, my Petal. You teach her to drive and when she’s good enough take her to the licensing place. Then if she won’t drive you home it’s time for a new girlfriend who has a driving license. Or even better, catch a taxi cab.


Dear Hillary,

I’m thinking of having some cosmetic surgery done. I’m mid 50’s and the lines on the face are getting very deep and the skin is changing color. I’ve been out in the sun all my working life so got lots of sun spots too, but that’s on the arms and I don’t worry about them. The big shopping centers have plenty of face lift clinics, how do you choose the best one? They’ve all got pretty girls outside trying to drag you in, and one of them will get me in one day for sure, but I want a good place.



Dear Jerry,

I did a bit of detective work for you. First, you want a plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon. The Plastic group are board certified, the Cosmetic lot are not necessarily so. The major hospitals can tell you how long their surgeons have been practicing, and what operations they like to carry out. The pretties outside the clinics are not the reason to use that clinic’s services. The “greeters” are just doing their job, so they can’t tell you how good or otherwise the surgeons are.


Dear Hillary,

One of your writers was wondering if his wife (or GF, I can’t remember if it said) was cheating on him. Thai women have cheating down pat, and you can tell the ones who are going up country and have up country friends staying down here, that they are all covering for each other. The ones from the bars slip into it more easily, but there (sic) sisters then follow. If it’s OK for Noi then it’s OK for Nam. They come from completely different cultures completely different morals and different ideas on what’s right or wrong. The crime here is in being found out, not in the cheating. All the overseas men should understand this before hooking up with a Thai woman. Do you agree with me and how I see it?

Another Jerry


Dear Another Jerry,

Reading between the lines, I think you are writing from experience, and still hurting. Honestly Petal, there are just as many honest ones as there are cheaters. But you are right that if the girl comes from the bar, that is a cheating environment (big word for a Friday!) and remember that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If they work in a bar, they follow what bar girls do. They have to start somewhere and once they are in that circle, it is very rare that they will leave it totally.


Dear Hillary,

I need your advice urgently, Hillary my Petal! I know I should have known better, after all I am not new to this country, but there I was at my usual bar and met this vision of loveliness. She spoke very little English but seems like a very genuine person and we got along just fine. She comes from Udon Thani, but that’s about all I managed to find out about her after about four hours and several “lady drinks”. The biggest problem was only that she doesn’t speak much English, but we got by OK. By the end of the night I was pretty drunk and I ended up lending her 10,000 baht, which she was going to return three days later after pay day at the bar. It’s now a week later and I haven’t heard from her. What should I do? Should I go back to the bar and ask for my money? Should I keep going, or should I give up now before I get in too deep?



Dear Nelson,

You’ve got the telescope to the blind eye. Haven’t you! After four hours of lady drinks you give this “vision of loveliness” 10,000 baht. How were you communicating with your vision? It wasn’t English, according to you, so I presume it must have been in Braille. That is 10,000 baht you will never see again. But look at it this way – there is a very grateful buffalo up there in Udon Thani, thinking about you while getting its hooves polished. And by the way, I am not your Petal, Petal!


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