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Update March 2018

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
Mott the Dog

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - March 23, 2018

Camel: ‘Music Inspired by The Snow Goose’

How this wonderful album ever made it into record stores is beyond me.  It was Camel’s third studio outing and after success with shorter pieces inspired by literary novels, they decided to do a whole album based on one book (actually correctly titled a novella).  “The Snow Goose” by Paul Gallico was eventually decided upon and tells the stirring tale of one man and his small boat plugging backwards and forwards across the English Channel, rescuing the desperate retreating British forces from the bombarded beaches of Dunkirk in 1940.

Camel in 1970.

Writing and recording started in early 1975 at Island Studios in London and then overdubs were laid down afterwards at Decca Studios before the whole thing was handed over to the London Symphony Orchestra, with David Bedford doing the final arrangements.

At this point the package was delivered to Decca Record executives to give their approval.  The record company suits were appalled, there were no lyrics, so the band members were then asked to go back in the studio and add some words to the music, to which they refused.  So the record company threatened not to release it at all. 

Whilst all this was going on permission was sought from Paul Gallico to call the album “Paul Gallico’s Snow Goose”.  But Gallico was a fervent anti-smoker and as Camel’s last album had been adorned by a packet of Camel cigarettes, he refused.  So the album had to change its title to “Music Inspired by The Snow Goose”, just to appease the author.

The record company suits finally gave in on the album and the all instrumental 16-track LP vinyl record was released to the public in July of 1975.  It was immediately acclaimed as a Progressive Rock classic and it is still held in very high esteem to this day.  It made it to number twenty-two in Britain and also cracked the American Billboard charts.

The music itself is inspiring, summoning up the courage of the old man rowing backwards and forwards across the twenty-two miles of English Channel with the Snow Goose flying overhead and the image of a Union Jack fluttering in the wind behind his boat as he does his bit for the boys stranded on the beaches.

The compositions are nothing short of superb, with the late, great Peter Bardens playing his keyboards with the skill of a master and Andy Latimer laying down some triumphant lead guitar and some haunting flute as well.  Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward are also a more than competent rhythm section.  David Bedford and the London Symphony Orchestra do not put a finger out of place and the album engulfs you right from the beginning before gently releasing you at the end after repeated Channel crossings.

The success of the album meant that Camel, along with the London Symphony Orchestra, played to a sellout crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London and “The Snow Goose” section of this concert was later released on the Camel album, “A Live Recording” (1978).

Camel went on to further success although they did concede to putting vocals on some of their tracks on future albums.  Andy Latimer still leads the band to this day.  A solid 5 stars!

Camel line-up:

Peter Bardens - keyboards

Andy Latimer - guitar and flute

Doug Ferguson - bass guitar

Andy ward – drums and percussion.

The Snow Goose (16 sections):

The Great Marsh


Rhayader Goes To Town



The Snow Goose



Rhayader Alone

Flight of The Snow Goose




Fritha Alone

La Princesse Perdue

The Great Marsh (Reprise)

Note: Written by Mott The Dog (not a sailor’s dog) who can be often heard telling salty tales at Jameson’s Irish Pub, Soi AR, North Pattaya.

Update Saturday, March 10, 2018 - March 16, 2018

Lionheart: ‘Second Nature’

Dennis Stratton of Lionheart.

Lionheart first formed in 1980 after Dennis Stratton was unceremoniously dumped from the ranks of heavy metal monsters Iron Maiden. His crime? Listening to the wrong sort of rock music whilst on tour and trying to bring some melody into the Maiden’s sound.

Upon landing on his feet he quickly looked around for band mates to form a new group.  Lionheart were formed from various musicians who all had their names up in lights followed by the bracketed (ex- Tygers of Pang Tang, ex- Liar etc.)  Not perhaps the best of omens, although Steve Mann on guitar and Rocky Newton on bass proved to be useful additions.

At first the line-up changed almost every gig, but finally the band took shape and altered direction from heavy metal copyists to a more melodic rock sound aimed at the American market.  They finally got a recording deal and went into the studio to record their debut album, a wonderful collection of strong melodic rock called “Hot Tonight” (1984.) 

World tours followed with many major acts of the time, but it just never came together in terms of sales or recognition and despite a small but devoted fan base, the band was kicked into touch in 1986 after six years of not really getting anywhere.

The band members stayed in touch over the years as they pursued other projects, but then out of left field they were offered a chance to reform and relive some former glories at the Rockingham Festival in 2016.  The key three players were more than up for the chance and with the addition of Clive Edwards on drums, who had been in past editions of Lionheart, and new singer Lee Small, they played the festival and stormed it.  It all felt too good to just let go so more tours were set up and a brand new album recorded (it was like watching a scene from the magnificent rockumentory Still Crazy, only these guys are for real.)

This album under review is the result.  “Second Nature” is selling slowly but building a reputation as new markets open up.  A tour of the United Kingdom as dual-headliners with Airrace could just be the pivotal flick of the switch. 

“Second Nature” we all hope will be second time lucky.  Although thirty-three years have passed, it is obviously a follow up to “Hot Tonight” and includes some superb jousting guitar work, sublime multi-vocals and a rock solid rhythm section.  The songs are of obvious quality and cover a wide spectrum of their chosen genre.

After the atmospheric opening of “Prelude”, the band slot into the driving beat with four class rockers, all perfectly suited to be played in stadiums and in 2018 one can only hope they will be heard at the major festivals all over the world.  There are also some powerful ballads like “Every Boy In Town” and a superb instrumental called “On Our Day” which really allows the guys to stretch out.  “Heart Beat Radio” is driving rock played to perfection with great melodies.  The whole album is brought to a unique conclusion by “Reprise”, finishing things off in grand style.

Any rock fan with a sense of melody should go and get this treat of an album and put a spring back in your step.

Lionheart are:

Dennis Stratton - guitar & vocals

Steve Mann – guitar and vocals

Rocky Newton – bass guitar & vocals

Clive Edwards - drums

Lee Small - vocals

Track List:


Give Me The Light

Don’t Pay the Ferry Man

Angels With Dirty Faces

30 Years

On Our Way

Second Nature

The Prisoner

Every Boy In Town

Time Is Watching

Heartbeat Radio



Note: Written By Mott The Dog who can be found relishing this type of music at Jameson’s The Irish Pub, Soi AR in North Pattaya.

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