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Update July 2016

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
Thailand News

Department warns of business contacts with 23,000 unreliable companies

Thai PBS
The Bangkok Post has put a total of 22,992 companies on the list of firms having high risk for doing business with because of their unknown locations of offices and no submission of their annual financial statements.

The department’s director-general Ms Pongpun Gearaviriyapun said these companies were detected after the department carried out inspections of a total of 635,000 juristic persons registered with the department.

Officials found 22,992 of them in questions and they deserved special attention in doing business with, she said.

She advised businesses to be cautious in dealing business with these companies and should check through the department’s DBD E-Service application if they are good companies or not

She said companies with remarks at the end of the certifications for all juristic persons are those they needed special attention in dealing business with.

As the Bangkok Post reported, of the total 22,992 questionable companies, 7,293 were found to have no headoffices as registered, 4,054 failing to submit annual financial statements as required, and 11,293 not answering queries concerning their financial statements.

Others include direct sale network, or U fund, and 38 companies with names resembling famous companies.

The latest company detected is Tranlee Travel which was a nominee company in Phuket of which its operation license has been revoked.

Provincial EC will file a complaint against two kids for tearing up voters’ list

Thai PBS

Kamphaeng Phet provincial election commission chief said Thursday that the commission was legally bound to file charges against two eight-year old children who were caught tearing up list of eligible voters in Chanuwornlak Buri district on July 16 although there were unaware that their act was illegal.

Hence, the provincial EC lodged a formal complaint against the two kids with Chanuwornlak Buri district police as a matter of formality, said Mr Surapong Thanasangnuchit, the provincial EC chief.

Meanwhile, Pol Maj-Gen Damrong Petpong, commander of Kamphaeng Phet provincial police, said however that the two children would be exempted from punishment because they are minor and also because they were unaware that tearing up the voters’ list was an offence.

He said that he had instructed police to handle the case closely to make sure that the two children are taken good care of.

Regarding Pol Colonel Itthi Chamnanmore, the superintendent of Chanuwornlak Buri district police, who was abruptly removed from his post and transferred to an inactive post at the 6th provincial police bureau, Pol Maj-Gen Damrong explained that the colonel was faulted for negligence of duty for his failure to report two children’s case to the National Police Office.

The case however went public in the social media.

Green light given for open debates on draft charter

Thai PBS
Bowing to increasing pressure for open debates on the draft constitution, the government has given a green light for debates to be staged in all provinces.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said Thursday that the debates will be open to all stakeholders under the supervision of provincial election commissions with the governors overseeing the debates in their respective provinces to make sure they are held in peace and order.

The above debates will be on top of the 10 debates to be staged by the Election Commission in cooperation with Thai PBS. EC will be responsible for setting the issues for the ten debates and all stake holders are invited, including the New Democracy Movement and iLAW which will be allowed to participate in some of the debates.

Regarding the query of a network of academics and activist groups about what the government or the NCPO will do next if the draft charter fails to go through the referendum, General Prawit said that the interim charter would have to be amended.

But he admitted that he was still in the dark about who will amend the interim charter and how. He said both the government and the NCPO would need to discuss the matter some time in the future.

Peace TV petitions Administrative Court to thwart suspension order

Thai PBS

Peace TV on Thursday sought help from the Administrative Court to thwart an order from the National Broadcasting Commission to pull the plug of the TV station for 30 days starting as of midnight Thursday night.

The TV station which is the mouthpiece of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship wants the court to hold an emergency meeting to consider the station’s request to put on hold the NBC’s blackout order. It also demanded 6.3 million baht in compensation from the NBC.

Peace TV’s petition was handed over to the court by UDD chairman Jatuporn Promphan, UDD core member Weng Tochirakan and Mr Anantasak Kamgao, a director of the TV station.

Jatuporn said Peace TV was suspended from airing for 30 days because it allowed opponents of the draft charter to present their views through their TV station. He also accused the NBC of abusing its authority, claiming that Peace TV’s broadcasts did not contravene with NCPO orders 97/2557 and 137/2557 and Section 37 of the broadcasting law B.E. 2551.

However, the NBC ruled that the broadcasts in question went against NCPO order 41/57.

Tourists flock to see Buddhist Lent procession with world's longest candle in Ubon Ratchathani

UBON RATCHATHANI,(NNT) – A large number of tourists have flocked to see a Buddhist Lent procession with the world's longest candle in Ubon Ratchathani.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan presided over the opening ceremony for the 2016 parade candle in front of Sri Ubon Rattanaram temple in the northeastern province.

The event is held annually to preserve the beautiful culture and promote tourism.

This year, visitors get to see processions of the royally-bestowed candle from His Majesty the King and the royally-bestowed monks’ bath robes from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, a 40-meter-long Lent candle - the longest ever made in the world, performances by local villagers and a Panom Phra boat parade from Khuan Suban temple in Nasarn district of Surat Thani province joining the candle parade as part of a cultural exchange.

Plan to push for Thai traditional massage to be included in Unesco’s World Heritage list

Thai PBS

Thailand will try to push for traditional Thai massage to be included in Unesco’s list of world’s cultural heritage, said Dr Boonruang Trairuangworawat, director-general of Health Service Support Department, on Wednesday.

He disclosed that at a recent discussion on the matter among representatives of the Health Service Support Department, the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, the Ministry of Culture, the regional office of Unesco and the private sector, all agreed with the idea to push for the inclusion of Thai traditional massage in Unesco’s world cultural heritage list.

Dr Boonruang noted that Thai traditional massage was a legacy of Thai local wisdom dated back to more than 600 years ago and there are two types of the massage – one which was practiced in the Royal court and the other by common people.

He disclosed that the matter was also raised with the Labour Ministry as labour law needs to be updated to make sure the quality of Thai traditional massage must be standardized and that the massage is preserved as an occupation for Thai nationals.

In order to apply for the Unesco’s listing, Dr Pattharapol Jungsomjetpaisarn of the Department of Health Service Support said that the department must prepare necessary information about Thai traditional massage in full details to the national committee on the convention of world heritage protection headed by Deputy Prime Minister Thanasak Patimaprakorn for consideration.

The proposal will need cabinet’s endorsement before it is submitted to the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee in Paris.

Currently, five sites in Thailand have been put in the Unesco’s World Heritage List. They are Sukhothai ancient city, Ayutthaya ancient city, Ban Chiang, Thung Yai-Huey Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary and Dong Prayayen-Khao Yai forests.

A district police chief axed for failure to report on the tearing up a list of eligible voters

Thai PBS

The chief of Chanuworalak Buri district police in Kamphaeng Phet province has ordered transferred to an inactive post at the 6th provincial police bureau pending an investigation for his alleged failure to report to his superior an incident about the tearing of a list of eligible voters allegedly by a young girl.

The transfer of Pol Col Itthi Chamnanmor, superintendent of Chanuworalak Buri district police, was ordered by Pol Lt-Gen Chonnasit Wattanawarangkoon, commissioner of the 6th provincial police bureau.

Pol Col Krisna Patthanacharoen, deputy spokesman of the National Police Office , said that Pol Col Choonasit’s transfer stemmed from the latter’s failure to report about the incident involving two school girls who tore up a list of eligible voters pasted up in the information board in their school.

Both girls later told police that they didn’t know what the list was all about but found it colourful and decided to tear it off.

However, the deputy spokesmen said parents of the two girls were later summoned to see the police and to acknowledge the charges against their children.

Thai workers abroad bringing home 59 billion baht in earnings

BANGKOK,(NNT) - Thai workers abroad have brought nearly 59 billion baht in combined earnings to the home country during the first half of this year.

Labor Ministry Inspector General Theeraphol Khunmuang revealed that a total of 58.934 billion baht was transferred home through the Bank of Thailand, not including other transactions through other banks, during this year's first six months.

From January to June 2016, a total of 58,758 Thai workers traveled abroad, 32,538 of whom being newly employed abroad, with the remainder returning to work under original contracts.

Taiwan had the largest number of Thai workers overseas totaling 12,338, followed by 3,499 workers to Japan, 2,891 to Israel and 2,841 to South Korea.

Those who are bound to work abroad can contact all provincial employment offices and the Bangkok Employment Office 1-10, or call Hotline 1694.

Transport Company to undergo major overhaul to compete with low-cost airlines

Thai PBS

The state-run Transport Company is planning a major makeover of its bus services to cut costs and to be able to compete with low-cost airlines which have increasingly attracted bus passengers.

A well-informed source said that the main concept of this major overhaul is to provide services which meet the digital-age lifestyles of passengers at reasonable costs which are competitive with low-cost airlines.

While low-cost airlines enable passengers to arrive at their destinations faster than buses, they lack other basic facilities such as onboard free snacks and drinks, the source pointed out, adding that the Transport Company will complement its speed disadvantage with other conveniences that are not available in low-cost airlines.

Under the 4-year restructural plan, the source said that the Transport Company will rent a fleet of 400 new buses which will be equipped all kinds of conveniences to meet the modern lifestyle of consumers such as on-board wi-fi, battery recharging ports, reclining seats with automatic massaging system.

Meanwhile, safety will be enhanced with the installation of a safety sytem that will restrict every driver to four-hour driving at an interval. The ignition key cannot start the engine after 4-hour drive unless the bus has to stop for a while, said the source.

The new modern bus will be put into service for trial in four main routes namely Bangkok-Mae Sot, Bangkok-Phuket, Bangkok-Nakhon Phanom and Bangkok-Chiang Mai with two buses for each route initially.

Besides service makeover, the source said the bus agency plans to commercialise its prime land plots such as the Ekamai bus terminal which will be relocated to Bang Na and the land plot developed for commercial purposes.

The company is not expected to perform well this year compared to last year’s due to a 30 percent drop in passengers. But it expects a rebound in revenues after a major service makeover, said the source.

A street racer: “street racing is like a daily activity that street racers cannot do without”

Thai PBS

Most motorcycle street racers regard illegal street racing as a daily activity that they cannot do without otherwise they will feel missing out something that matter, a street racer told Thai PBS after his arrest on the night of July 17.

The street racer whose name was withheld because he is a minor was among 63 illegal racers and pillion riders rounded up in Bangkok by a combined force of police, military personnel and local officials.

Among the detainees were 45 youths under 18 whose parents were summoned to meet with the authorities on Tuesday to acknowledge the charges against their children who were also placed under probation.

The street racer claimed that he didn’t take part in the illegal racing but just one of the spectators. However, he admitted that he had participated in several street racings in the past but gave up after an accident when he broke a foot bone.

He explained that he quit racing because he was cursed and looked down upon by people who knew about his illegal activity.

The youth’s mother who asked to be anonymous said she agreed with the tough measure against the street racers but had reservation about the punitive actions against the parents. She admitted that not every parent had time to look after their children because they had to work to make a living.

Acting metropolitan police commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Sanit Mahathavorn said that each parent would have to put up a 20,000 baht surety for a two-year probation period for each offending racer.

This amount of money will be confiscated if the offender was caught engages in a second racing, said Sanit, adding that the measure appears to be harsh against the parents but it is necessary for the peace of the majority.

Under the NCPO order, a parent whose son or daughter was caught repeating the illegal racing will be liable to three months jailterm and/or a fine of 30,000 baht.

Asia-wide crackdown on illegal gambling during Euro 2016

BANGKOK (AP) — Interpol says a crackdown on Asian gambling dens and websites during football's European Championship led to more than 4,100 people arrested and $13.6 million seized.

Police raided nearly 4,000 illegal dens across Asia and Europe, including in China, Singapore, France, and Italy.

Two operations coordinated in Thailand targeted organized crime networks and transnational networks in Asia "behind illicit websites and call-center type operations running online scams," Interpol says.

Three Thai offices of illegal online gambling sites were shut down, and 15 people were arrested in Malaysia linked to payment card fraud.

Interpol's head of anti-corruption and financial crimes unit, Jim Anderson, says "illegal gambling generates massive profits for organized crime networks which are often linked to corruption, human trafficking, and money laundering."

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Tourism Minister to discuss insurance cover for tourists

BANGKOK, (NNT) - The Tourism Minister is planning to hold discussions with related parties about offering an insurance service to foreign tourists.

Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said this week that the ministry will invite representatives from the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, the Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a meeting to discuss the implementation of insurance coverage for international visitors.

Mrs. Kobkarn said that a meeting is needed because no decision has yet been taken on the budget to be used as the insurance premium for Thai General Insurance Association, which has been estimated at between 150 million baht and 180 million baht each year.

She said that many parties have objected to the plan to use the government budget for this insurance scheme.

The Tourism Minister added that there has been a suggestion to incorporate this expense with other costs of travel, such as the visa fee or as an air fare add-on, but the idea is complicated by the fact that there are many airlines operating to Thailand and the number is increasing. This means that the Ministry may not be able to reach a conclusion on this deal with all of them.

One option is to impose the fee as a mandatory cost, which would not affect tourists at all, as each traveler is expected to pay only six baht as an insurance premium.

More than 8,000 civil state housing units reserved

BANGKOK, (NNT) - The government’s Civil State housing project has been well received by Thais, as more than 8,000 housing units have already been reserved.

Social Development and Human Security Minister Police General Adul Saengsingkaew revealed that a total of 8,537 units were reserved with the National Housing Authority (NHA) from July 6th - 15th.

Of this figure, 1,209 units are ready-to-move-in homes, while the remaining 7,328 units are currently under construction and will be completed in 18 months.

More homes are expected to be built in the future, due to the popularity of the housing project. Another 32 projects have a combined 10,156 units that will be built next year in Bangkok, its vicinity, and other provinces.

The projects await approval from the Cabinet and the Office of the Nation Economic and Social Development Board.

Government urged to allow more freedom of expression related to draft charter

BANGKOK, (NNT) - Several groups have called on the government to allow more freedom of expression regarding the draft constitution, in order to help the people learn more about the charter.

Talks were held regarding freedom of expression on the draft charter. In attendance were Election Commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, peace academic Kotom Areeya, and representatives from several political parties and academic groups.

Most of the attendees believe that Thais only know that they have to go to the polls on August 7th to cast their ballot in the constitutional referendum. However, they speculate that most remain unaware of the contents of the draft charter, which may become the source of conflict in the future.

Participants of the talks also indicated that tough regulations may cause people to shy away from going to the polls, out of fear of violating the rules. They concluded that in order to better inform the residents about the draft charter, talks and forums should be organized with a certain degree of freedom.

Election Commissioner Somchai reiterated that people can express their opinions about the draft charter. He clarified that this expression can be in agreement or disagreement, as long as it is based on the truth, made in a polite manner, and does incite social unrest.

Meanwhile in Surat Thani province, a similar conference has been held to educate approximately 400 police officers in the province about the draft charter. Attendees are expected to recognize their role in encouraging Surat Thani locals to vote in the August 7th referendum.

Yala requests cloudseeding operation amid low water reserves

YALA,(NNT) - Bang Lang Dam in Yala province has requested a cloudseeding operation, as water reserves have fallen below expected levels.

The latest report from the Information Center of Hydro Power Plant puts the water behind Bang Lang Dam at 220.59 million cubic meters, or just under 19 percent of capacity.

The chief of staff at Bang Lang Dam Power Plant, which is situated in Bannang Sata district of Yala province, has reached out for assistance from the provincial Royal Irrigation Office, requesting a cloudseeding operation over Bannang Sata and Than To districts. The chief of staff said rainwater in the two districts would flow directly to the dam. The request is currently under review.

Rain showers have previously occurred in Krong Pinang, Yaha, Kabang, Raman and the capital districts, away from the reservoir.

The power plant in Bang Lang Dam is located on the eastern side of Pattani River. It has three 24-megawatt generators with a combined capacity of 72 megawatts. The plant can generate 200 million units of electricity per year.

A maid stabbed to death allegedly by her boyfriend

Thai PBS

A maid was stabbed to death in front of an elevator at a high-rise building on Ratchadapisek road on Monday.

The victim, 35-year old Ms Silanee Radomsook, was stabbed several times allegedly by her boyfriend after a heated quarrel. She died in front of an elevator on the 27th floor of AIA Capital Centre building.

Police who later arrived at the scene checked the CCTV system on the 27th floor which showed a man in black Polo T-shirt and sporting skin-head hair style in a quarrel with Ms Silanee before he stabbed her.

The alleged killer later went to the restroom to wash his hands, then emerged and escaped from the scene through the elevator.

Police suspected the knife-man to be the victim’s boyfriend. A sketch of his face as shown on the video footage was drawn up by an artist and its copies distributed to all police stations.

Members of the public were asked to notify 191 if they came across the suspect.

Officers in Red Bull heir’s car crash incident now face malfeasance probe by anti corruption commission

Thai PBS

The Metropolitan Police Bureau has completed investigation into the roles of police officers handling the Red Bull heir's car crash that killed a police officer four years ago with proposal to the Public Sector Anti Corruption Commission (PACC) to tackle 10 officers for malfeasance in office.
Of the 10 officers facing malfeasance probe by the PACC, one has already retired and the rest still in active police service.

Acting commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn said investigation found these officers were guilty for malfeasance in office for their handling of the Red Bull heir Vorayudh Yoovidhya case in September 2012.

The finding will be forwarded to the PACC for further action, he said.

The reinvestigation of the car crash case involving the Red Bull heir or “Boss” was ordered by Royal Thai Police commissioner Chakthip Chaijinda following complaint that there was no progress in the case and the suspect remains at large.

The commissioner then urged Thonglor police to speed up the ongoing investigation of the infamous hit-and-run case involving the heir of the Red Bull energy drink empire.

Vorayudh is the grandson of a Red Bull founder Chaleom Yoovidhya.

According to The Coconuts Bangkok, Vorayudh allegedly rammed his Ferrari into Pol Sgt Maj Wichian Klanprasert’s motorcycle on Sukhumvit Soi 47 in the early hours of September 3, 2012, killing the police officer.

Wichian’s body was dragged about 200 meters along the road.

The heir allegedly fled the scene and was arrested several hours later at his home on Sukhumvit Soi 53.

He faced three charges: speeding, reckless driving causing death, and failing to stop his car to help the victim.

However, the speeding charge has since been dropped as it expired under the one-year statute of limitations.

The national police chief promised to find out what was causing the delay in the investigation.

The commissioner added that if any officers were found to be negligent, they would face disciplinary action.

The Red Bull heir is said to be abroad now.

Bangkok Poll: Over 80 percent intend to vote in referendum

Thai PBS

Over 80 percent of the respondents of Bangkok Poll said they intend to vote in the national referendum on August 7.

Bangkok Poll of Bangkok University’s research centre conducted an opinion poll on July 9 from 1,876 samples from all regions of the country.

Although the poll shows 83.7 percent of the respondents declare their intention to vote in the referendum, only 41.6 percent of them say they approve the draft constitution – down by 2 percent from the previous opinion poll.

7.2 percent of the respondents disagree with the draft charter – up by 0.6 percent from the last poll with 11.6 percent saying they will abstain and 39.6 percent say they are still undecided on how to vote.

42.1 percent of the respondents admit that they learned about the content of the draft charter from media news websites and news provided by media outlets while 11.7 percent say they received information from teachers under the government’s educational campaign; 11.1 percent say they learned from documents distributed by local officials.

52.1 percent believe that the referendum will be helpful in enabling the country to move forward but 20.7 percent say the referendum will be of little help while 27.2 percent say they are not sure.

A police captain shot dead in Ban Pong district police station by his subordinate

Thai PBS

A police sergeant major was arrested after he fatally shot his superior at Ban Pong district police station in Ratchaburi province following a heated quarrel Saturday night.

Witnesses said that the victim, Pol Cpt Sayant Chaichoke, the deputy inspector for traffic affairs attached to Ban Pong police station, arrived at the station late Saturday night after finishing with his field inspection of the setup of road block at Kok Mor intersection in the municipal area.

The police captain was then reported of a heated quarrel between one of his subordinates, Pol Sgt-Maj Thirapong Pothong, a traffic police squad leader, had a heated argument with Pol Snr Sgt-Maj Amnart Charoenchai, also a traffic police officer who also serves as driver to the police superintendent.

Pol Cpt Sayant then demanded to see the two men in order to settle the dispute and when he saw Thirapong hold a service pistol as he approached him from the downstairs, he ordered the latter to put the gun back in its holster.

But Thirapong, apparently still in a foul mood, refused, prompting Sayant to try to grab the gun from the former’s hand, resulting in the fatal shooting.

It was reported that six shots were fired from Thirapong’s 9mm automatic pistol and four of them hit Sayant who was immediately rushed to the district hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The alleged gunman escaped from the police station in a motorcycle-taxi but was later apprehended.

Windfall for Thai travel agencies from Taiwan’s visa-free rule

Thai PBS
Thailand’s out-bound travel agents are expected to reap a windfall from Taiwan’s recent announcement to ease travel restriction by allowing peoples from Thailand and Brunei to visit Taiwan without visa for up to 30 days beginning August 1.

Mr Surawat Akaraworamat, managing director of KTK Tour Enterprise, said that he expected the number of Thai tourists visiting Taiwan to double as a result of the visa-free announcement.

Meanwhile, Mr Kritchanat Meesamran, managing director of Sun Smile Holiday and Travel Company, predicted fierce competition among travel agents to attract tourists to use their services.

He noted that, previously, applying for a visa to Taiwan is time consuming and this has discouraged many Thais from visiting the country. With the visa requirement lifted, he said many Thai tourists will make last-minute travel plan changes in order to visit Taiwan.

The visa-free rule will be in place for just one year as a trial period to find out the consequences. However, Taiwan’s tourism officials the new rule will increase the number of tourists from Southeast Asia by 280,000 for the one-year period and bringing in an addition of 13 billion Taiwanese dollars in tourism-related revenue.

Mr David Sao, director of Taiwan Tourism Office for Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei, disclosed that the number of Thais visiting Taiwan has increased 40 percent since this year compared to the same period last year, representing the highest growth among Southeast Asian countries.

Lively atmosphere at Phi Ta Khon festival in Loei

LOEI,(NNT) - The Northeastern province of Loei held the Boon Luang and Phi Ta Khon festival to preserve its beautiful local culture, and created a lively atmosphere during the festival.

Dan Sai District Chief Officer Prayoon Aranyaroot said that Si Song Rak municipality and Dan Sai district has been organizing Boon Luang and Phi Ta Khon festival 2016 from 16-17 July, at Pho Si temple, Na Wiang Yai village, Dan Sai sub-district, Dan Sai district, Loei province. The festival helps preserve the beautiful local culture, promote tourism in the province and support agricultural careers.

The festival features various activities such as Phi Ta Khon Night Palace parade, a fair of local products, a performance from students of the Dan Sai School, along with comedy and musical shows.

Thai students win four medals from 2016 mathematical olympiad

HONG KONG,(NNT) – Thai students have won two gold medals from the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2016, along with two silver medals, a bronze medal and one honorable mention, the IPST has announced.

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) President Pornpun Waitayangkoon announced Thai students have won two gold medals, two silver medals, one bronze medal, and an honorable mention from the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held in Hong Kong during 6-16 July 2016.

The gold medalists are Krit Boonsiriseth and Pachara Sawettamalya from Triam Udom Suksa School, while winners of silver medal are Sivakorn Sanguanmoo from Suankularb Wittayalai School, and Chesphongphach Buranasilp from Mahidol Wittayanusorn School. The bronze medal winner is Suchakree Chueluecha from Bangkok Christian College, and Treetased Vividhwara from Patumwan Demonstration School of Srinakharinwirot University was winner of the honorable mention.

The Thai IMO contestants are scheduled to arrive back in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport on flight TG 693 at 8:45 p.m. of 16 July 2016. The IPST is scheduled to hold a welcoming ceremony for the Thai competitors on the arrival date.

TAT’s Women’s Journey Thailand campaign is set to launch on 1 August

Bangkok, 14 July, 2016 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Women’s Journey Thailand campaign is set to launch on 1 August, 2016, meaning that women travellers from around the world will be able to enjoy a huge range of activities, special offers, discounts and privileges as well as products and services geared to meet their needs throughout the month of August.

The Women’s Journey Thailand campaign is aimed at women travelling individually or in groups as well as women visiting Thailand with family who might want to enjoy some activities by themselves.

TAT is working with a range of partners in the health and beauty sector as well as hotels, airlines hospitals, gyms and sports clubs to offer discounts and offers to women visiting Thailand from 1 to 31 August, 2016. The campaign is also a way of marking Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 84th birthday on 12 August. To support the Women’s Journey project, the special deals from the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale will be extended to 31 August, 2016.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “Thailand has always been a welcoming destination for women from all over the world, which is why we see so many females coming here independently and in groups. Our Women’s Journey Campaign wants to celebrate these women travellers by making it easier than ever for them to visit the kingdom and take advantage of the many activities the kingdom provides therefore strengthening our position as one of Asia’s most female friendly destinations.”

To ensure women travellers get the most out of the campaign, TAT has released a mobile application “Women’s Journey Thailand,” that enables them to navigate the offers and promotions and to plan their schedule accordingly. The products, services and events are listed under five categories: Beautiful Look, Beautiful Shape, Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Retreat, and Beautiful Experience. The Women’s Journey Thailand application can be downloaded from Play Store and iStore.

For the month of August, female tourists will also benefit from female-only immigration lanes at Thailand’s international airports, special parking and a range of offers on air tickets.

Visit for more special offers and further details on Women’s Journey Thailand.

Visit for special offers and details on Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2016.

TAT holds seminar on attracting tourists from Myanmar

BANGKOK,(NNT) - The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has organized a seminar entitled “AEC Focus Myanmar 360” which aims to increase the number of tourists coming from Myanmar by 10 percent, focusing on medical tourism and healthcare.

Deputy TAT Governor for Tourism Products Visanu Jaroensilp said the seminar aims to inspire the potential government and private organizations involved with the tourism industry to enhance competitiveness and attract more tourists from Myanmar. Special talks were given by experts on the challenges and opportunities of the Myanmar market.

The TAT aims to increase the number of tourists from Myanmar by 10 percent from last years 259,000 by focusing on medical tourism and healthcare. In addition, the TAT plans to establish a branch in Myanmar to conduct various marketing campaigns and agitate for additional flights between Myanmar and Thailand.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo welcomes new-born zebra

CHONBURI,(NNT) – Khao Kheow Open Zoo has welcomed a new member, a male baby zebra who is doing well.

The foal was borne to eight-year old father, Simok, and three-year-old mother, Som. The newborn zebra, whose birthday is close to the upcoming Buddhist Lent, is under the care of his mother and zoo guardians. He can be seen by zoo patrons at the Africa Savanna zone.

Common zebras can be found in the African Savanna. Their black and white stripes come in unique patterns. They are social animals that live in herds and forage for food with other animals, such as giraffes, antelopes and ostriches. Though zebras’ eyesight is poor, they have very keen senses of smelling and hearing.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo will be displaying Buddha’s relics from Sri Lanka from July 16th -20th on the occasion of the Buddhist Lent.

Their Majesties the King and Queen express sorrow for terror attack in Nice

Thai PBS

Their Majesties the King and Queen on Friday sent a letter of condolence to French President Francois Hollande for the deaths and injuries from the terror attack in Nice on Thursday night which left at least 84 people killed and over 100 injured.

Market inspection shows no price increase in Buddhism offerings

Thai PBS

The Department of Internal Trade yesterday sent its officials to inspect shops selling religious Buddhism offerings throughout the country in wake of the upcoming Buddhist Lent when Thai Buddhists are expected to spend more as offerings to monks.

The inspection showed all merchants and shops were complying with the policy of the ministry to post signs clearly indicating prices of each item and ensuring their products were up to standards and not attempting to sell inferior or out of date goods to the public.

They also found that overall, prices had remained stable throughout.

The department also advised consumers to report poor service and substandard goods as well as overpricing through the Department of Internal Trade’s 1569 Hotline.

Sellers found overpricing their goods will face maximum jail terms not exceeding 7 years and/or fined a maximum of 140,000 baht.

Free parking at Suvarnabhumi airport’s Zone C on long holiday

Thai PBS

The Suvarnabhumi airport will exempt parking fees for passengers to facilitate their air travels during the long holiday weekend.

Airport director Sirote Duangratana said the free parking will be arranged at Zone C parking area where it can accommodate 718 cars.

He said passengers can drive and park their cars from 00.01 am on July 16 until midnight on July 20.

As the airport is expected to be crowded with passengers at the coming long holiday this weekend, the parking areas in front of passenger terminal might not be sufficient, and parking at Zone C might be inconvenient, he said.

This prompted the airport to exempt parking fees at Zone C, he said.

But he said the airport will arrange special shuttle bus service during this period for passengers between Zone C and the passenger terminal.

The shuttle bus will leave every 15 minutes.

The parking points of the shuttle buses will be at the airport’s departure terminal on the fourth floor of Gate 5, and at the arrival terminal on the second floor of Gate 5.

The special shuttle bus service is free of charge.

But he said the airport still have its normal shuttle bus service (Route A) available from the Bus Terminal to Zone C parking area.

The bus will deliver passengers to Gate 3, 8 and 5 and return to Zone C for parking. During rush hour the bus will leave every 7 minutes, while normal hour will leave every 10 minutes.

Monk admits encroaching forest but to reforest the area

Thai PBS
Phra Budda Isara has admitted that he encroached on forest reserves in Chiang Mai’s Mae Wang district but with an intention to reforest the area.

The abbot of Wat Or Noi in Nakhon Pathom went to the Forest Department on Friday to hand over documents to forest officials and to express his readiness to face legal consequences for his forest encroachment.

Phra Budda Isara said that the encroached area in national forest reserves was about 300 rai and not 3,000 rai as wrongly reported. He noted that the area in question was stripped of forest cover and he decided to plant trees on it.

The abbot went on saying that he had been reforesting denuded forests since 1989 and had reforested about 1,000 rai so far.

He called on the Forest Department to take legal action against all forest encroachers, including himself.

Supreme Court awards Klitty victims with 20 million baht in compensation

Thai PBS

After 13 years of marathon court battle through three courts, Karen residents of the lower Klitty village in Kanchanaburi have their real taste of victory when the Supreme Court finally handed down a verdict ordering Lead Concentrates (Thailand) company and its managing director to pay 20 million baht in compensation and medical fees for the future to eight victims of lead contamination.

Karen Studies and Development Centre director Surapong Kongjantuek who has been defending for the right to safe environment of the Karen villagers in lower Klitty village from lead contamination from the beginning told the media that the Supreme Court found the lead mining company and its top executive, Mr Kongsak Kleepbua, of deliberately discharging wastes from the mine into the Klitty creek which has been, for generations, the lifeline of the Karens.

He said that the court ordered the company and Mr Kongsak to pay compensation to the victims and to rehabilitate the creek. But since the company has gone bankrupt and Mr Kongsak was already dead, he added that the next step to be done is to secure the assets of the company for payments to the victims.

One of the victims, Mr Kamthorn Srisuwanmala, said he was very glad with the high court’s verdict and thanked the court for giving them justice. He noted that several of the victims had been living in suffering for the past several years with some of them having fallen dead.

Deputy transport minister formally unveils new Chinese-made train cars to the public

Thai PBS
The acquisition of 115 new Chinese rail cars from China’s Railway Rolling Stock Corporation with the first lot of 39 having arrived marks a milestone in the change of train services provided by the State Railway of Thailand to passengers, Deputy Transport Minister Omsin Chivapruek said today in a ceremony to formally unveil the new train cars and new uniforms of SRT train attendants at Si Racha railway station, Chon Buri.

Omsin Chivapruek, Deputy Transport Minister

Also attending the ceremony were SRT governor Wutthichart Kalayanamitr and members of the media.

The deputy minister said the SRT’s acquisition of the new and modern train cars from China represents a testimony of the government’s determination to improve train services in Thailand.

SRT governor, meanwhile, said that the SRT planned to launch the maiden service of the new cars on Bangkok-Chiang Mai route in August with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha to preside over the official launch.

Each first-class air conditioned car will have 12 sleeping rooms with two seats each. Each seat is equipped with an LCD monitor with a USB port so that passengers will be able to enjoy entertainment programmes, to receive information or to order food or drinks from their seats.

There are four LCD screens on each of the second-class air conditioned sleeper cars.

On top of that, the toilets in the new train cars will be similar to the type installed on aircraft which is clean, without smell and using less water in flushing.

Each train will be accompanied by a power car which will replace the engines in the old cars. Hence the new cars will be quiet, environment friendly and power saving.

Every car is equipped with a CCTV system which will ensure safety for passengers, ABS braking system.

The entire new fleet is made up of nine first-class sleeper cars, 88 second-class sleeper cars, including nine cars for the disabled, nine canteen cars and nine power cars with 11 cars to be kept as reserves.

All the new cars will be put into services in four routes namely Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani, Bangkok-Nong Khai and Bangkok-Hat Yai.

Coming long holiday this weekend will see Thais spending over 5.7 billion baht

Thai PBS

The coming long holiday over the weekend will see Thai people spending more than five billion baht in religious activities, travels and shopping, according to the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Centre director Thanawat Polwichai said as Thai people will be enjoying a long holiday in the coming weekend with the arrival of the Buddhist Lent and Buddhist Lent Eve, he predicted that the holidays will generate the highest cash flows in the country for a period of 5 years.

The prediction was based on a recent survey made to gauge consumer spending behavior during the 5 day Buddhist Lent holiday.

Mr Thanawat said that the survey strongly suggested that there will be a dramatic increase in cash flows during the period of almost 5.78 billion baht.

This will represent a 7.6% increase and is the highest it has ever seen in the country in a 5 year period, he said.

Such a high spending will come from domestic tourism which expected to generate on average 4,156 baht per person, or a 62% increase from previous survey.

For religious purposes, consumers’ spending will increase by a dramatic 59% or an average of 4,571 baht per person.

Mr Thanawat said further that the high spending is entirely due to growing confidence in the economic recovery.

Somkid urges export strategy adjustment

Thai PBS

Deputy prime minister Somkid Jatusriphitak yesterday advised the Commerce Ministry to adjust its export strategy by focusing more on free-trade negotiations with Thailand’s strategic trading partners.

At a meeting with heads of Commerce Ministry, Somkid said that the ministry must make modifications to its export promotion campaign by placing greater priority on entering into bilateral negotiations with Free Trade Area (FTA) countries.

He stressed that these negotiations must focus on allowing Thailand’s industries to receive the highest benefits and technological knowhow in keeping with the government’s plans to modernize the country in accordance with the 4.0 generation development plan.

He predicted that Thailand’s competitiveness will rise to stand at around 20 – 25th position by next year from where it currently stands at 28th position.

He attributed this to the success the government has achieved in its 2 year sustained economic structural reforms in order to achieve parity with international standards.

Meanwhile deputy commerce minister Suvit Maecincee admitted that the government’s push to move the country towards the 4.0 generation development plan will result in a number of unemployment in the labor force.

This will be particularly so for unskilled workers because as the country continue to modernize, with increased use of technology and automation, their skills or lack of it, will render them obsolete.

He then advised that workers in the labor force make investments in improving their skills and abilities so as to remain competitive in the labor market.

The government does not overlooking this fact and has plans to promote greater proficiency in the national labor force, he added.

Traffic nightmare after heavy rains in Bangkok

Thai PBS
A Wednesday evening downpour which coincided with the end of the office hours as office workers rushed for homes in private cars or buses causing widespread traffic gridlock throughout the city.

Several roads such as Lat Phrao, Ramkhamhaeng, Srinakharind and Vibhavadi Rangsit were temporarily flooded on several sections of the roads as the sewerages were unable to cope with excessive amount of rain water or clogged.

But city officials said that they would be able to drain the water out through Saen Saeb and Lat Phrao canals into the Chao Phraya river within a few hours.

The Meteorological Department said that about 60 percent of Bangkok was lashed with rains this evening as a result of the influence of southwest monsoon.

Some of the areas reported to be flooded include Ngamwongwan, Permsak housing estate in Bang Khae, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 64, Lat Phrao road from Soi 87-89, Chokechai market, Lat Phra Soi 55, Lat Phra Soi 122, Happy Land road and Sivara road.

Mysterious letters emerge in Chiang Mai

Thai PBS

Post offices in Chiang Mai have impounded more than 2,000 letters believed mailed by some ill-intent political elements to scuttle the draft constitution which is due to go through a referendum on August 7.

The mysterious letters seized in Chiang Mai are similar to those earlier impounded in Lampang. The letters do not have the names of the receivers or the senders but just the addresses of the receivers. Most were however stamped.

Mr Boontham Prasongvarakit, chief of the post offices in Chiang Mai, the letters in question were found to have mailed through mail boxes in Sansai, San Kamphaeng, San Pakhoi, Mae Rim and Mae Jo districts.

Military and police officials were called in to help examine the letters now kept at the central post office in Muang district.

Maj-Gen Kosol Prathumchart, commander of the 33 military circle, said that all the letters would be handed over to the Election Commission for further examination.

He said that if the letters were found to be illegal, then a formal complaint would be lodged with the police so that legal actions could proceed.

Meanwhile, officials were dispatched to put up announcements warning people who have received the letters not to believe in what was written in the letters.

Campaign launched to urge every Thai to eat 300 eggs a year

A campaign is being launched to urge every Thai national to increase his or her chicken egg intake to 300 eggs per annum by the year 2018.

Spearheading the campaign under the slogan “Eat Egg Everyday. Put Egg In Everything We Eat” is the Association of Chicken Egg Producers, Traders and Exporters.

The association president Mr Mongkol Pipatsatayawong said that while an average Thai eats 220 chicken eggs a year compared to 340 eggs by a Chinese, 330 eggs by a Japanese, 300 eggs by a Malaysian and 290 eggs by an American.

At present, Thailand produces about 15,500 million chicken eggs worth about 50 billion baht a year while domestic egg consumption increases an average of four percent a year in the past ten years.

Mr Mongkol noted that egg prices fluctuate all the times depending on production, resulting in several egg chicken raisers going bankrupt from heavy losses when the prices fell rockbottom.

He said that if Thais eat more chicken eggs – up to 300 eggs a year each – it will help stabilize egg prices which, in turn, will help chicken raisers.

Egg prices have become more stable since March with price averaging 3.20 baht per egg while cost is about 2.90 baht. He is optimistic there won’t be an oversupply this year.

Meanwhile, Mr Sombat Thiratrakulchai, president of livestock sector of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, citing a research by Harvard University, said that eating an egg a day will not result in the narrowing of cardiac artillery.

5 million baht worth of fake and smuggled liquor seized

About five million baht worth of smuggled and fake liquor were seized by Department of Special Investigation officials in 12 coordinated raids of warehouses in Bangkok recently.

DSI director-general Pol Col Paisit Charoenmuang disclosed that officials seized altogether 2,761 bottles of liquor of which 2,307 were smuggled authentic liquor and the rest fake liquor, also smuggled into the country from a neighbouring country.

He said that the packaging of the fake liquor looks so authentic that it is almost impossible for buyers to distinguish fake from authentic liquor.

He alleged that the store-owner who owns the seized liquor has been in liquor selling business for about 30 years in the Sao Chingcha area. But besides the authentic liquor which is displayed on the shelves in the store, he said that the store also sold smuggled and fake liquor.

Prime Minister warns monks they face arrest if staging a protest

Thai PBS

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday hit back at a senior monk who threatened to lead a mass protest of monks if the former does not submit the nomination of Somdet Chuang as the new supreme patriarch to His Majesty the King for endorsement within seven days.

Apparently disturbed by a question of a reporter about the threat made by Phra Methithammajarn, secretary-general of Buddhism Protection Centre of Thailand, the prime minister snubbed saying: “Are there law? What does the NCPO order say? Can more than five people assembly? If (they) want to protest, so be it. If they cannot be arrested today, then make the arrest the following day – whoever they are.”

The prime minister said that he should have been the one who issued the threat, not a monk.

Phra Methithammajarn issued the threat after the Council of State ruled that the Sangha Supreme Council’s nomination of Somdet Chuang, abbot of Wat Paknam Phasicharoen, as the supreme patriarch, was not illegal.

The prime minister also brushed aside a move by former member of the National Reform Council Paiboon Nititawan to protest against Somdet Chuang’s nomination, asking what else he should do, noting that the matter regarding the scandal implicating Somdet Chuang is under investigation.

Prime Minister recommends hybrid buses as option for city bus services

Thai PBS

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has recommended the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to look into the advantages of electric and hybrid bus to see which is more appropriate to be put in service in Bangkok streets.

He says if hybrid bus is more appropriate than electric bus, the government will allow the BMTA to purchase more for use.

This was revealed by BMTA director Surachai Iamvajirasak after he brought electric bus and diesel-electric hybrid bus to Government for show and test ride to the prime minister.

The prime minister paid interest to the buses and recommended that the BMTA conduct study on the advantages of both electric bus and diesel-electric hybrid bus to see which option is more appropriate to the streets of the capital so that the government would consider allowing BMTA to purchase more for use.

Mr Surachai said the prime minister’s recommendation prompts him to review its plan to purchase of new electric buses with focus on more diesel-electric hybrid buses.

He said the BMTA has plan to purchase 200 new cool electric buses using 2.3 billion baht this fiscal year.

The plan will be reviewed to include more diesel-electric hybrid buses after the prime minister’s recommendation.

Fire near BTS’s Onnut station

Thai PBS

A brief fire broke out near BTS's Onnut station on Sukhumvit 81 forcing the sky train service to the area to be halted temporarily this morning.

The fire started at about 07.34am at a coffee shop located on Sukhumvit 81 and is below the Onnut station.

Flames from the gutted shop raged quickly above and black smokes covered the entire walkway and platform of the station, forcing the Bangkok Mass Transit System or BTS to evacuate passengers waiting for trains down to the pavement and shut down the Onnut station for safety reason.

All sky trains were also ordered to bypass the Onnut station for safety reasons.

Meanwhile firemen arriving at the scene also shut all outgoing traffic on Sukhumvit road to facilitate work to put out the fire, but remained only one lane to ease traffic jams.

However inbound traffic was not affected but traffic flowed slowly as motorists drove slowly to watch the fire.

It was half an hour before the fire was put out.

However Onnut station remained closed until after 9.00 am when security officials needed time to clear smokes from the station.

Train service during the fire was not affected but trains were told to bypass the Onnut station until all smokes covering the station was cleared as officials feared passengers could suffocate.

It was until after shortly after 9 am that the station was opened and train stopped as usual.

BTS said on its Twitter that passengers who bought the tickets to Onnut station or bought tickets at the station would not be refunded, but they still could use the tickets for travel within 14 days.

Forensic police arrived at the fire scene late in the morning to examine the cause of the fire.

Nobody was hurt, they said.

Bus driver and conductor fined 1,000 baht each for expelling a passenger due to his body odour

Thai PBS

A bus driver and a conductor of an associated bus company were fined 1,000 baht each and suspended from work for a week after they were found to have violated the regulations of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority for expelling a passenger from their bus due to his body smell.

The bus company,Viriyawong, which operates city bus route 147, was also fined 1,000 baht for its failure to oversee the behavior of its staff.

The case first appeared in the Facebook page of a netizen by the name of ponddnop on July 9 who reported that a passenger of bus No 147-33 shutting between Thon Buri housing estate and The Mall Bang Khae was chased out of the vehicle by both the driver and conductor because of his alleged strong body smell.

The two also used rude language with the passenger.

In response to the incident, BMTA on Tuesday summoned an official of Viriyawong bus firm, the driver and conductor of the bus in question to its head office for an investigation.

Both the driver and conductor reportedly admitted that they were rude to the passenger and expelled him from the bus because they could not stand his smell.

Seven youths who beat to death a crippled man in Lat Phrao area will face murder charges

Thai PBS

A panel of public prosecutors has agreed to indict seven youths who were involved in the brutal beating to death of a crippled man in Lat Phrao area over a month ago with murder charges instead of premeditated murder charges as demanded by the victim’s family.

Spokesman of the Office of the Attorney-General Mr Somnoek Siangkong said on Monday that the panel of public prosecutors had carefully considered the police case file together with the accompanied evidences and agreed on murder charges to be lodged against the seven suspects, including a woman identified as Ms Natnicha Rithlumlert.

The other six suspects are Piraphol Yotpong-anan, Akaradej Tassana, Monmanas Saengpo, Chatuporn Chansopha, Mek Pholkraisorn and Arin Yotpong-anan.

The panel ruled out premeditated murder charges as demanded by the family of the victim, Mr Somkiart Srichan, because their actions against the victim were impromptu and were not thought or considered in advance, said Mr Somnoek, adding that the suspects were expected to be indict before the Criminal Court on Wednesday.

In addition to the murder charges, all the suspects face charges of carrying weapons in public places without good reasons. On top of that, Akaradej, Mek, and Arin will also be indicted with intrusion charges.

The case attracted widespread public attention because several of the suspects were police children and concern was raised that the Chokechai police in charge of the case might try to weaken the case to help the suspects.

GMM Grammy fined 50,000 baht for broadcasting a programme with rape scenes

Thai PBS
The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has decided to fine GMM Grammy 50,000 baht for broadcasting a programme containing improper scenes.

One of the commissioners, Ms Supinya Klangnarong, said that the commission faulted the programme, Club Friday To Be Continued, which was aired on Monday-Tuesday from 8 pm until 9.15 pm on GMM 25 channel for featuring rape scenes which were deemed a violation against good morals.

The programme was rerun on several occasions, she said, adding that, in the meantime, there was a public campaign against sexual violence and other violences on the television.

Agriculture Minister to kick-start Sor Por Kor land reclaiming campaign on Friday

Thai PBS

Agriculture Minister Chatchai Sarikalaya will lead officials of the Office of Land Reform for Agriculture to Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima this Friday to oversee the putting up of an NCPO order regarding illegal occupation of Sor Por Kor land plots of over 500 rai and maps showing the illegal land plots to be reclaimed.

The event marks the start of a nationwide campaign by the government to reclaim the Sor Por Kor land from illegal owners or occupants.

Altogether 125 land plots covering 116,266 rai of Sor Por Kor land scattering in 12 provinces are targeted in the first round of the campaign due to kick start on Friday.

Details of the 125 land plots are as follows: 32,903 rai in Kamphaeng Phet; 742.59 rai in Kalasin; 2,784 rai in Chaiyaphum; 26,585 rai in Nakhon Ratchasima; 871 rai in Buriram; 13,663 rai in Kanchanaburi; 3,523 rai in Trat; 1,335 rai in Lop Buri; 13,951 rai in Krabi; 7,578 rai in Chumporn; 2,482 rai in Yala; 9,842 rai in Surat Thani.

It was reported that several unscrupulous land owners or occupants had asked to split up their landholding in smaller plots of less than 500 rai each in order to dodge the crackdown campaign.

Deputy PM: Ministry of Public Health needs to help poor people

BANGKOK, (NNT) - Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak has emphasized the role of the Ministry of Public Health in helping low-income and less-fortunate people

Minister of Public Health M.D. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn on Monday attended a meeting with the ministry’s executives and Mr. Somkid who delivered a special lecture entitled “Ministry of Public Health and Thailand’s economic development.” The deputy PM connected the government’s economic policy to the role of the ministry, saying that the ministry needed to help bridge gaps in the country and take care of the elderly. He suggested that the ministry continue conducting research on social development. The ministry had to work with relevant units in public-private collaboration in taking care of senior people in urban and rural areas, said Mr. Somkid.

The deputy premier also stressed that the ministry needed to play a role in increasing the country’s competitiveness in terms of the medical industry and instructed the Food and Drug Administration to develop its working methods.



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Bus driver and conductor fined 1,000 baht each for expelling a passenger due to his body odour

Seven youths who beat to death a crippled man in Lat Phrao area will face murder charges

GMM Grammy fined 50,000 baht for broadcasting a programme with rape scenes

Agriculture Minister to kick-start Sor Por Kor land reclaiming campaign on Friday

Deputy PM: Ministry of Public Health needs to help poor people



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