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Update June 2016

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
Thailand News

DSI suspends search of Wat Dhammakaya after encountering resistance from followers

Thai PBS

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has decided to stop the search for Phra Dhammachayo after its officers accompanied by police, local and security officials were met with a human wall of faithful followers who refused them entry to the inner sanctum of Wat Dhammakaya where the embattled abbot was believed to have taken refuge.

All the officials, numbering about 20, pulled out of the temple on Thursday afternoon.

Phra Sanitwong Wutthiwangso, director of the communications office of Wat Dhammakaya, claimed that the temple was cooperative with the DSI by allowing the officials to enter the temple’s compound.

Phra Sanitwong Wutthiwangso, director of the communications office of Wat Dhammakaya

However, he said that several followers who were forming a human shield inside Gate 5 refused to let the officials in to conduct the search. He added that he had tried unsuccessfully to convince to change their mind and he had to accept their judgement because they were with the temple before him.

At about 1.30 pm Pol Maj Suriya Singhakamon, deputy director-general of the DSI, held a press conference in front of Gate 7 in the presence of Phra Sanitwong and representatives of the National Buddhism Office.

Pol Maj Suriya told the media that the DSI had tried to perform its duty in a peaceful manner “without carrying arms, without armored cars and without resorting to violence”.

Pol Maj Suriya Singhakamon, deputy director-general of the DSI

He said that the DSI had received only partial cooperation and managed to enter the temple’s ground until arriving at Gate 5 where its officials met with resistance from followers who denied them further entry.

However, he added that officials had taken pictures of those who obstructed the officials in their attempt to make the search and would deal with them later on.

The DSI deputy chief said that the media had witnessed the happenings today and should be fully aware of the truth. He also dismissed the temple’s claim that it was fully cooperative with the DSI in the search of the temple. “But the truth does not match with the words,” he noted.

Sakchai Guy lost legal battle over 300million baht worth of heritage

Thai PBS

The Supreme Court has upheld the Appeals Court’s verdict nullifying the will claimed to be made by former ambassador Vivath na Pompetch bequeathing 300 million baht of assets to the editor of a women’s magazine Sakchai Guy.

The Supreme Court’s final decision on the conflict over the heritage of the late ambassador between his descendants and Sakchai, editor of Lips magazine, was read out on Tuesday by the Civil Court.

The case was instituted to the Civil Court nine years ago by Mr Thirawat na Pompetch, a former history lecturer at Chulalongkorn University’s arts faculty, challenging the validity of the will.

The 300 million baht worth heritage includes a three-rai plot of land in Thung Wat Don, Yan Nawa district with a building, a condominium unit at Garden Cliff condominium in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri.

The Civil Court ruled that Mr Vivath’s signatures in the will were authentic and the will was valid.

The Appeals Court however overturned the first court’s ruling on ground that the will was null and void.

The Supreme Court noted that the will was done in a suspicious manner based on the testimony given by Mr Visoot Kanchanapanyapong, managing director of Thammaniti law firm where the will was done.

The witness told the court that normally the law firm would video-tape the making of a will at the office but, in this particular case, there was no video-taping of the event and no pictures taken which the court found suspicious.

The court also noted that Mr Vivath’s signature affixed in the will was different from the signature which appeared on the envelope containing the will.

NLA approves bill to create criminal court to deal exclusively with corruption cases

Thai PBS
The National Legislative Assembly unanimously endorsed by 160 votes a bill which seeks to set up Criminal Court for Corruption and Malfeasance Cases.

Under the bill, the existing division in the Criminal Court which deals with corruption and malfeasance cases will be upgraded into Criminal Court and all the corruption cases will fall under the jurisdiction of the new court.

The new Criminal Court will have jurisdiction over the following cases:

criminal cases in which state officials are charged with malfeasance in office or irregularities; criminal cases in which state officials are charged with money laundering, violations of laws regarding bidding and joint venture between private and government sectors; criminal cases in which individuals are charged with giving, receiving or demanding bribes, intimidating, coercing or using influence to force state officials to act or not to act in accordance with the Criminal Code; cases of deliberately refusing to declare assets, falsely declaring assets or covering up assets that should have been declared.

Thai embassy clarifies why more Thais are rejected entries to South Korea

Thai PBS

An increasingly number of Thais are illegally staying in South Korea and this is one of the main causes that prompts South Korean immigration officials to reject entry of several Thais upon arrival in South Korea, explained the Thai embassy in Seoul.

The embassy said that Thailand and South Korea have signed an agreement to exempt visas for tourists of the two countries visiting South Korea or Thailand of up to 90 days.

However, many Thais have exploited this loophole to overstay their visas and work illegally in South Korea, said the embassy, adding that there are now 52,435 Thais who are illegally staying in the country out of a total of 90,235 representing 58.1 percent and the trend is rising – hence the need of the immigration officials to curb the number of illegal immigrants from Thailand.

The South Korean immigration has introduced two measures to deal with this problem which include: voluntary repatriation to Thailand for the illegal immigrants of which 8,402 Thais accepted the offer and entry denials for Thais suspected of intending to work in South Korea.

The Thai embassy maintained that the South Korean immigration office was fully authorized to question or interview any Thais who are deemed suspicious. Any of them who fails to provide answers to the satisfaction of the immigration officials has the tendency to be rejected entry, it said.

Thais wishing to visit South Korea are advised to prepare the following documents to be shown to the immigration officials upon request – return air tickets, documents of hotel reservations, travelling itineraries and sufficient amount of money to sustain the duration of stay in the country.

The Thai foreign ministry has been trying to solve the problem of Thais being rejected entries with their South Korean counterpart but this will take time.

Thais who wish to work legally in South Korea are advised to follow the Employment Permit System which can be easily accessed by going to the following website,

The embassy warned that those who were caught working illegally will be deported, blacklisted and banned from visiting the country for up to five years. But, worse, this will tarnish the image of Thailand, it added.

Government announces 15-year free basic education

Thai PBS

Invoking Section 44 of the interim charter, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha in his capacity as head of the NCPO issued an order making it mandatory for the state to provide 15-year free basic education to Thai youths from kindergarten level up to Mathayom 6 level effective as of today.

Referring to the policy of the previous governments for the state to provide free education to Thai youths of up to 15 years, the NCPO chief decided to reaffirm this policy which will help improve social justice, solve poverty and promote the development of human resources.

Under the order, 15-year free basic education will cover “welfare education” for underprivileged or impoverished children and “special education” for the disabled or handicapped.

Agencies concerned will make preparations to make sure that pre-school children will be taken care of and will be exposed to physical, mental and emotional development. Local administration organizations and the private sector should be encouraged and promoted to join in this endeavour.

The Ministry of Education has been tasked to update relevant laws for the implementation of the free education policy.

First hybrid bus to be put on test run for five months

Thai PBS

The city’s bus operator, Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, have unveiled its first Japanese-made hybrid bus which will be put on trial run for five months from today until November 15.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisit and his deputy, Mr Omsin Chivapruek, were among a group of VIPs and reporters, took a ride of the diesel-electric bus from the Transport Ministry to Sanam Luang and back to the starting point.

Initially, the only hybrid bus will be put on test service in Route 137 between Ramkhamhaeng and Ratchadapisek for a certain period of time after which it will be operated in the other routes until November 15 when the test runs will be completed.

During the test runs, data concerning fuel consumption and efficiency, practicality of the hybrid bus and other aspects will be collected and evaluated to determine whether a fleet of this kind of bus should be bought in the future.

Imported from Japan, the bus has 26 seats and has enough space for 40-50 people standing. The four front seats can be folded up to accommodate two wheel chairs.

The bus normally runs with its diesel engine but when traffic is bad, it will switch to electricity.

All pump prices down today

Thai PBS

PTT and Bangchak annouced the decrease of all oil prices effective 5 am this morning.

The price of benzene, gasohol 91, gasohol 95 and E 20 will go down 40 satang/litre E 85 price will decrese 20 satang/litre.

For diesel, the price will go down 30 satang/litre.

Therefore, pump prices per litre in Bangkok and adjacent provinces on Thursday will be as follows:

Benzene 95 31.66 baht
Gasohol 95 24.70 baht
Gasohol 91 24.28 baht
E 20 22.14 baht
E 85 18.39 baht
Diesel 24.89 baht

Thai Embassy in Manila warns Thais against traveling to militant hot-spots in the Philippines

MANILLA,(NNT) - The Royal Thai Embassy in Manila has advised Thai citizens to avoid militant hot-spots in the Philippines.

The announcement follows the recent execution of a foreign tourist by the Abu Sayyaf militant group. The group has been targeting tourists in the central and western part of Mindanao Island, as well as prominent tourist sites such as Palawan Island.

The embassy has therefore advised Thai citizens against traveling to the aforementioned areas unless absolutely necessary and to closely follow the news and safety announcements.

WWF launches "Stop Buying Ivory" campaign

BANGKOK,(NNT) – The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched its “Stop Buying Ivory” campaign, seeking to build appreciation for elephants among Thai people to combat the ivory trade as well as prompt the government to devote more attention to preventing illicit trade in animal products.

WWF Thailand representative Janpai Ongsiriwittaya led alliances of the fund in launching “Stop Buying Ivory: Ivory Free Thailand”, a campaign centering around 2 series of advertisements which attracted the participation of celebrity Tony Ja and famed Thai national football team coach Kriatisak Senamuang. The icons joined in the effort to dissuade Thai citizens from buying, using or receiving elephant ivory and for the government to exert more effort in ending the animal trade.

WWF Thailand has made known Thailand is ranked number 2 in the world for illegal ivory sales and serves as a transit country for the detrimental good. It stated that new values must be instilled in Thai society to remedy the problem.

Tri-party panel decided to keep a distance from Phra Dhammachayo’s criminal case

Thai PBS
The tri-party panel to resolve the conflict between the Department of Special Investigation and Wat Dhammakaya over Phra Dhammachayo’s criminal case has resolved not to interfere with the job of the public prosecution.

Phra Theprattanasuthee, the chief monk of Pathum Thani who attended the meeting of the tri-party panel as a neutral party, read a statement from the panel stating that the criminal case against the embattled abbot of Wat Dhammakaya is not a monastic affair but a state affairs.

Mr Somsak Toraksa, advisor to the chief monk of Pathum Thani who also attended the meeting, added that every time where was a meeting of similar nature and a minutes from the meeting was sent to Phra Dhammachayo, there was no problem and the monk always gave good cooperation.

DSI deputy chief Pol Col Somboon Sarasith said that, from now on, the DSI had to act in accordance with the arrest warrant and there are two options to act – the first is to convince Phra Dhammachayo through the public prosecution to give himself up at the court and, the second, is for the DSI to make the arrest and for the second option there will be no bail for the monk.

For the time being, the public prosecution has already indicted the suspects who had already acknowledged the charges against them. These include Mr Supachai Srisupa-aksorn, former chairman of Klongchan Credit Union Cooperatives.

Mr Somkiart Thongsri, director of the secretariat office of the Sangha Council, said disciplinary action against Phra Dhammachayo would have to wait until the court case against him is finalized.

Court acquits a member of “Men in Black” charged with illegal possession of war weapons

Thai PBS
A man who was charged with possessing war weapons which were found hidden in a Honda Civic in May 2010 was acquitted by the Criminal Court due to insufficient evidence.

The court noted that a key prosecution witness, the housekeeper of an apartment in Ram-inthra area where the car was found, gave conflicting testimonies regarding the defendant, Mr Kittisak Soomsri, and, therefore, was not credible.

Also, tests of DNA specimens from Mr Kittisak did not match with the DNA specimens found on the war weapons which include an AK47 assault rifles, TNT explosives, bottle bombs, fire extinguisher tank filled with urea fertilizer and M79 grenades.

Hence, the court found the prosecution evidences not strong enough to prove the guilt of the defendant and decided to acquit him.

Mr Kittisak was one of the four men and one woman accused of being “Men in Black” who fought against government troops at Kok Wua intersection during the violent protests against the Abhisit government by red-shirt followers on April 10, 2010.

The five suspects were charged illegal possession of war weapons and the case is still pending with the Criminal Court. They pleaded guilty during their detention at an army camp but they, afterward, changed their guilty plea claiming that they were tortured and forced to make the confessions.

Some 50 monkeys crushed to death

Thai PBS
About 50 long-tailed macaque were crushed to death under the weight of a huge Prado tree which fell onto the lawn of a school in Chanthaburi’s Muang district early Tuesday morning.

Mr Rangsan Kumtrakul, director of Khao Wongkot School, said it was lucky that the incident occurred during the early hours of Tuesday otherwise many students would have been hurt or killed had the incident occurred during the daytime.

He suspected that the ground where the huge tree stood might have softened after heavy rains in the past few days and three loosened up and collapsed while many monkeys were asleep on the tree.

Altogether 52 monkeys , including several young ones, were found dead on the ground.

Mr Rangsan, however, admitted that he felt saddened with the death of so many monkeys in one occasion because they have been in the school for a long time.

With the help of students and employees, the dead monkeys which included several adults and babies, were taken away for burial.

Several monkeys were found injured from the incident and the school had sought help from provincial officials to take care of the injured macaque.

TAT joins Chinese search engine giant to promote Thai tourism among Chinese quality tourists

Thai PBS
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Chinese search engine giant Baidu have joined hands to promote Thailand's tourism industry among Chinese tourists.

Under the cooperation the Chinese search engine giant officially launched its travel map called Baidu Map application for outbound Chinese tourists, primarily expected to attract Chinese self-guided individual travellers with high spending power.

As The NNT reported, the cooperation agreement was signed yesterday between TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn and Mr Hu Yong, general manager of Baidu’s International Business Unit.

Baidu Map provides users with information about tourist attractions, transportation, restaurants as well as products and services available in Thailand in Chinese and Thai languages.

Through the GPS system, it also displays street addresses of tourist places both in Thai and Chinese.

With over 500 million users worldwide at present, Baidu Map is considered an effective channel for Thai tourism operators to reach Chinese-speaking customers.

The app is expected to attract more visitors from China and, in turn, bring Thai-Chinese relations even closer.

The Bangkok Post reported that TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn said the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand is expected to reach 10 million this year, an increase from 8 million in 2015, generating 509 billion baht in revenue, up 35%.

The application would help to increase tourism income by at least 20 per cent, from the current spending of Chinese visitor of around 5,000 baht per person.

The cooperation between TAT and Baidu should help draw in more quality Chinese tourists to the country, which many want to see it happen, he said.

Director of the international business development department at Baidu Inc Mr Richard Lee said Baidu is now working with the TAT to develop service apps to provide information about popular tourist attractions with audio.

Baidu Map is available in Mandarin Chinese and Thai. It offers maps of Thailand’s tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels for a combined 17,000 places.

RTAF welcomes its first five female pilots in 79 years’ history

Thai PBS
The Royal Thai Air Force have welcomed five ladies who have passed the grueling tests to become the first female pilots in 79 years’ history of the RTAF.

Personally extending his well wishes to the new pilots was Air Chief Marshal Tritos Sonjaeng, the air force commander-in-chief.

The five are Flying Officer Kanchanok Chanyarak, former language teacher attached to the Air Force’s Education Department; Flying Officer Peerasri Chaipaisarn, former financial and welfare officer; Flying Pilot Chanakarn Sornjarn, a former officer attached to the education section of the Air Force Academy; Ms Sirithorn Lawansathien, an aviation graduate from Rangsit University and Bangkok Aviation Centre; and Ms Chonnisa Supawannapong, a humanities graduate Kasetsart University.

ACM Tritos said that the admission of the first five female pilots marked an important change in the RTAF. This means that women are now as capable as men in military service and they should be proud of being part of the RTAF aviators.

Their Majesties the King and Queen express sorrow for Orlando massacre

Thai PBS

Their Majesties the King and Queen have expressed condolence over the terror attack of a nightclub in Orlando on Sunday night which left at least 50 people dead and dozen others injured.

A letter of condolence sent to US President Barak Obama by Their Majesties read as follows: “The Queen and I are deeply distressed by reports of the brutal shooting at the nightclub in Orlando, resulting in senseless deaths and injuries of many innocent people. We wish to express to Your Excellency and particularly the bereaved families our deep sympathy and condolence for their irreparable loss caused by this shocking incident.”

Commerce Ministry expects to wipe out 10 million tonnes of rice from rice pledging scheme this year

Thai PBS
The Commerce Ministry has set a target to sell the remaining 10 million tonnes of rice bought under the Yingluck government’s rice pledging scheme within this year, commerce permanent secretary Ms Chutima Boonyaprapas said on Monday.

The remaining rice stockpiles are divided into three lots: over six million tonnes of PAA-grade or good quality rice; about two million tonnes of Grade C rice which are not suitable for human consumption; and about two million tonnes of rotten rice which are good for industrial use such as for producing ethanol.

Ms Chutima said that the Commerce Ministry would try to sell the 10 million tonnes of rice through every channel, including open auctions, G-to-G deals, direct sale to domestic and overseas customers and even donations.

The sale of the rice will help ease the government’s burden in management and storage, said the permanent secretary, adding that the ministry would try to sell as much rice as possible.

She noted that once the remaining rice in storage are sold out it would be known by then how much loss has been incurred to the state from the controversial rice pledging scheme.

Besides the six million tonnes of good quality rice, Ms Chutima admitted that it would not be easy to offload the rest of the rice which are not suitable for human consumption.

The ministry put on auction 37,400 tonnes of rotten rice some time ago and only 21,100 tonnes were sold to Wor Thanasap company at approximately five baht per kilogramme.

CAAT demands clarification from Nok Air

Thai PBS

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has demanded a clarification from Nok Air over the “CFIT” (controlled flight in terrain) remark allegedly made in Line application by a co-pilot during a flight to Bangkok from Phrae In which former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was one of the passengers.

CAAT director Squadron-Leader Alongkot Poonsook said Monday that the wording used, “CFIT”, was inappropriate. He added that although there is no regulation specifying punishment for the use of the word by a pilot he would look into the rules of the Aviators Association whether there is any punitive measure for this particular incident.

Personally, he said that pilots should not bring political issues to interfere with his work because that would affect services for passengers. He believes the co-pilot in question does not have much working experience.

However, he noted that CAAT would, in the near future, introduce a course in professional ethics regarding services for pilots to ensure better services for passengers.

Nok Air management has already apologized Ms Yingluck over the incident. The airline’s CEO, Mr Patee Sarasin, reportedly said that such a conduct by the co-pilot was unacceptable and he promised an investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Ms Yingluck posted a message in her Facebook page, expressing her appreciation for Mr Patee’s apology and his promise to look into the case. Nevertheless, she added that the incident should serve as a lesson for those in the service sector to be more professional and that the incident would not recur to her or to the other passengers.

HM the King’s condition improved after treatment on June 7th

Thai PBS
His Majesty the King’s general conditions have improved after he underwent treatment to correct the narrowing of coronary artery on June 7, the Bureau of the Royal Household announced on Sunday.

The announcement said that a team of doctors who treated HM the King found that the King’s general conditions had improved with his heart functioning better, his heart beats, breathing and blood pressure having returned to normal.

EKG examination and blood tests show that the functioning of heart muscles have improved to the satisfaction of the doctors, said the announcement.

However, the doctors have asked for permission to undertake echocardiography on HM the King to follow up his heart condition in the foreseeable future

Public Health Ministry warns against eating half-cooked pork

Thai PBS
The Ministry of Public Health has warned people who love to eat food made of half-cooked or undercooked pork of the risk of suffering from sudden hearing loss as a result of infection from streptococcus suis bacteria.

Since the beginning of this year until June 3, 122 cases of streptococcus suis infection were reported in 19 provinces and eight of them have died.

People infected with the bacteria will have high fever, severe headache, hearing impairment, muscles pain, diarrhea and breathing difficulty. Mortality rate from blood poisoning ranges from 5-20 percent.

People who work in pig farms or in slaughter houses are at risk of contracting the bacteria from pigs. They should wash their hands or take a shower after being exposed to pork meat for a long time and pig farms should be clean, said the Public Health Ministry .

The ministry also advised consumers to be selective in buying pork in fresh markets or in department stores to make sure that the meat looks fresh and does not smell. The pork should be cooked at least 10 minutes or boiled until it does not look red.

Concerns about online gambling during Euro 2016

Thai PBS

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha is concerned with online soccer betting during the EUFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament during June 10-July 10 and has instructed authorities concerned to take legal actions against the gamblers as well as gambling operators.

Government spokesman Maj-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said on Saturday that the prime minister was fully aware that cracking down on the gamblers amounted to solving soccer gambling problem at the end of the cause but the measure was necessary to deal with the bad habit.

The prime minister, said the spokesman, was particularly concerned with Thai youths being tempted into gambling during the popular soccer tournament which might impact on their studies and health.

The prime minister also took note of the importance of the role of parents in educating their children to distance themselves from gambling and also the role of the media in reporting on the negative effects of gambling on consistent basis.

172 laws have been enacted since 2014 according to PM Prayut

BANGKOK,(NNT) - According to Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha all 172 measures which have been enacted since the start of his administration were issued in the best interests of the country and its people.

The prime minister said Thailand has long had problems in the areas of legislation, public administration and the legal system. The administration has sought to solve problems in these areas, during the limited time it has.

Addressing long-term issues, he said the government has laid down a strong framework for the future and has made progress in the first phase of resolving these issues.

Since 2014 which is when Gen Prayut took office, a total of 172 laws have been promulgated. He said the government does not cater to political interests, but rather upholds the interests of the nation as a whole as well as the common good.

Lastly, he said his administration has not and will never attempt to intervene in the judicial process, unlike governments in the past.

ICAO follows up on Thailand’s effort to address aviation problemss

BANGKOK, (NNT) – The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has met with the Thai government to follow up on the latter’s effort to improve its aviation safety standards.

The International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) regional director for Asia Pacific, Arun Mishra met this week with Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha at Government House.

During the meeting, the Thai Premier expressed his appreciation for ICAO’s understanding and willingness to help Thailand resolve problems in the aviation industry, especially safety issues.

Gen Prayut told Mr Mishra that Thailand had been implementing various measures to overhaul the system while putting a master plan in place to provide long term solutions such as providing intensive training for aviation personnel, restructuring aviation agencies, and revising laws and regulations to meet international standards.

In reply, Mr Mishra thanked Thailand for allowing ICAO to set up its office in Thailand while expressing confidence that Thailand will be able to eradicate aviation problems very soon under Gen Prayut’s administration.

Chiang Mai University’s researcher makes medical breakthrough in fighting cancer

Thai PBS

A Thai team of doctors at Chiang Mai University has made a significant medical breakthrough in fighting cancer after he discovered black sesame seeds have properties that could stave off cancer cells, and promote brain cell regeneration.
This discovery was said to be the first of its kind in the world.

According to Dr Prachya Kongthaweelert, deputy associate professor of the Thailand Excellence Center for Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells at the Chiang Mai University, and head of the team, black sesame seeds are rather innocuous in appearance but researchers have found that they contain extremely beneficial properties.

He said it was discovered that “Sesamin” extracted from black sesame contains properties that hinder cancer cell growth as well as stimulate antibodies in the human body to fight cancer.

In relating the discovery of the benefits of black sesame, he stated that researchers all over the world have been experimenting with Sesamin but this is the first time that it has been directly injected into one week old actively developing cancer cells.

What is normally found in cancerous cells is the abnormal development of blood vessels, he said.

But after having injected Sesamin into them, the researchers discovered the secret of how it fights cancer cells.

He said what was excited initially was that the team found that when Sesamin was injected into the cells, there were clear differences in growth.

Cancer cells were significantly reduced because Sesamin prevents the development of blood vessels. The development of blood vessels has been found to be stimulated by excretions from the cancerous cells themselves, he said.

He further explained that as cancer cells grow, they stimulate the development of new blood vessels to feed them.

Furthermore, these blood vessels also help to spread cancer cells to other parts of the body.

But Sesamin has properties that hinder the development of these new blood cells which in effect denies them food for growth and prevents them from spreading. Eventually, they become atrophic and die, he explained.

He said Sesamin directly hinders the development of new blood cells which denies the cancerous cells their food. Denied nutrients, they atrophy and die.

Besides, the team also found that Sesamin also promotes antibody production in the human body which will then attack cancer cells as well. These are mutually beneficial attributes that directly help to fight cancer, he said.

He said patents for the medical breakthrough have been filed and received for the research both in Thailand and internationally.

This also includes the future commercial production of Sesamin from black sesame seeds.

One added benefit of black sesame that has also been discovered in the research is that it helps promote brain cell regeneration and this is backed by evidence of patients who have improved brain functions after consuming Sesamin extracts.

Dr Prachya said his team are extremely proud of their work as it helps heal cancer patients and allow them have a better life.

He thus recommends the regular consumption of sesame seeds but advises that the seeds must be crushed and cooked first to yield the best results.

He however cautions against consuming more than 4 table spoons a day as it could lead to stomach upsets or diarrhea.

At a press conference held earlier this week, the doctor also showed a cancer patient who has fully recovered after being treated with Sesamin.

The 21 year old woman was diagnosed with Lymphoma 2 years ago and she had underwent chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells but the procedure is fraught with many bad side effects.

Chemotherapy sessions are also expensive and later she began taking Sesamin extracts as well and she has found that it helped her body fight the cancer cells and helped speed up her body’s recovery. She has now fully recovered.

“I rarely see chemo patients that are as fortunate as me that are given the chance to have a normal life again. I cannot say what the outcome would be if I had not taken the extract but what I can say is after taking it I am better,” she recalled.

Consumer confidence index falls to lowest in eight months

Thai PBS

Consumer confidence index (CCI) for May 2016 plunged to its lowest level in a period of eight months, the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) revealed yesterday.

Thanawat Polwichai, the director of the UTCC’s Center for Economic and Business Forecast, said CCI for May 2016 fell to 72.7.

This represented a sustained 5 month drop and is the lowest it has ever fallen in the period of 8 months since October last year.

He attributed the plunge in CCI to the slow recovery of the economy and consumer purchasing power.

He however asserted that consumers in the country are still hopeful that the economy, employment and income will eventually improve due to the massive public spending by the government for the latter part of the year.

Therefore he advised that the government sector should speed up budget disbursement so as to maintain the momentum of economic recovery.

With regards to the rise in global fuel prices, Mr Thanawat stated that this has brought about an added benefit for rubber planters as the market price for rubber has risen accordingly.

Rubber prices are now at 60 baht a kilo which is a significant improvement and will help the economic improve to a certain degree.

Construction of lodging project for judges in Chiang Mai is legal

Mr Udom Sitvirajtham,President of the Fifth Region Court of Appeals

Thai PBS
The president of the Fifth Region Court of Appeals says the lodging project for judges at the foot of Doi Suthep hill legal and does not encroach on the Doi Suthep-Pui national park.

Affirmation of the legality of the project from the court president Mr Udom Sitvirajtham came after the project was widely critised in the social media with critics accusing that it encroached on the Doi Suthep-Pui national park.

The 900-million baht project, comprising of 47 single houses, and 13 condominiums, is located on a 147 rai plot of land outside the national park.

Mr Udom said construction of the project has been legally sought and the reason to build single houses because of the slopy geographic location.

However he assured that 58 rai of land on higher slopes have been reserved to keep its natural surroundings.

Construction started last year and us scheduled to finish in September this year.

The land belonged to the Army and was granted for use by the Justice Ministry since 2006.

Migrant workers caught at a massage parlour detained without bail

Thai PBS
Seventy-seven migrant workers who were rounded up at a massage parlour in Huay Khwang area by a special unit of the Interior Ministry on Wednesday night have been detained at the Criminal Court’s detention cells.

Of the 77, 57 of them were found to be without work permits while the rest were found to have taken up jobs different from those stated in their work permits.

Officials said that all the migrant workers were denied bail because they didn’t have permanent residences and they might escape if they were freed on bail.

Altogether 121 female workers were found in the Nataree massage parlour. Nine of them were found to have been lured into prostitution by their procurers. 12 others are being checked whether they are minor or not because they have no ID cards.

23 workers who are over 18 were fined on charges of loitering and illegal assembly and later released.

As for the manager of the massage parlour and his four employees, officials said they faced charges of human trafficking and providing shelter to illegal migrant workers.

The officials are still looking for the owner of the parlour.

A male teacher is under probe for having sex with male students

Thai PBS
The Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) has ordered a teacher of a prestigious high school to be transferred to the office pending an investigation into his alleged indecent acts for having sex with male students.

The teacher of Suan Kularb school in Bangkok whose name was not disclosed was summoned to meet with the school director, Mr Vithoon Wong-in. Friday morning and he allegedly admitted of the wrongdoings.

Mr Vithoon told the media that the teacher admitted of having sex with underaged students of the other students. Nevertheless, the teacher was moved to an inactive post at OBRC’s zone one pending a fact-finding probe.

The teacher will face gross disciplinary action which may lead to his dismissal from the service if the probe found him guilty of the indecent acts, said OBEC secretary-general Karoon Sakulpradit.

The alleged indecent acts reportedly appeared on the teacher’s twitter account when he posted several images of him having sex with male students with some of their faces clearly shown.

The posted images have caused an uproar among many netizens who demanded a probe and punishment against the alleged molester.

Massage parlour raid results to the transfer of the commander of MPB’s first division

Thai PBS

Commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau’s first division Pol Maj-Gen Vicharnwat Borirakkul was moved to an inactive post at the operations centre of the MPB effective as of Thursday.

The abrupt transfer of Pol Maj-Gen Vicharnwat by an order issued by Acting MPB commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Sanit Mahathavorn stemmed from a raid of the Nataree massage palour in Huay Khwang area on Tuesday night by a special unit of the Interior Ministry.

Seventy-seven migrant workers from neighbouring countries were found working in the massage parlour and several of them did not have work permits while others were found to have worked differently from those specified in their permits.

Also, some of the workers in the parlour are underaged and were believed to be lured into prostitution.

Pol Maj-Gen Vichartwat’s job was temporarily taken over by Pol Maj-Gen Sompong Chingduang, the MPB deputy commissioner.

The transfer order is effective for 30 days or until there is a change of the order.

A female rubber tapper killed by a rogue elephant

Thai PBS
A woman was killed by a rogue elephant as she was working with several other rubber tappers in a rubber plantation in Khao Chamao district of Rayong.

The victim was identified as Mrs Patcharrin Suthihom, 35, a native of Khao Chamao district. Her neck and right leg was broken and her body was bruised.

The victim’s husband, Mr Niyom Swangwong, later told police that several of them were working in the rubber plantation this morning when, out of a sudden, a huge elephant with just one ivory tusk emerged and charged toward the group.’

Niyom said he shouted for everyone to run but his wife was slow and was attacked by the beast which kicked her to the ground, struck at her with its trunk and stomped her with its feet.

But Mr Pitak Yuenyong, chief of the Ban Seeramun forest protection unit in Khao Ruenai, said that wild elephants do not normally attack people unless they were hurted before by humans. He admitted he didn’t know how the elephant was provoked.

Mr Pitak said that forest rangers had held several courses to educate people how to protect themselves from elephant attacks but “not a single rubber tapper has ever attended the courses.”

Pump prices to go down for benzene and gasohol, except diesel

Thai PBS

PTT Plc and Bangchak will decrease the prices of benzene and gasohol by 50 satang per litre, except for gasohol E85, which goes down 30 satang.

For diesel, The price will increase 50 satang/litre.

Therefore, pump prices per litre in Bangkok and adjacent provinces on Friday will be as follows:

Benzene - 95 32.06 baht
Gasohol - 95 25.10 baht
Gasohol - 91 24.68 baht
E 20 - 22.54 baht
E 85 - 18.59 baht
Diesel - 25.59 baht

Traffic violators can use their credit cards to pay fines in near future

Thai PBS

Motorists will in the near future pay their traffic fines with their credit cards under a land traffic bill which has been approved by the National Legislative Assembly.

The bill which is expected to come into force in 60 days after its publication in the Royal Gazette will open a new channel through which motorists who receive traffic tickets can pay fines with their credit cards or in cash through other payment service centres.

An NLA panel considering this bill has recommended that the fee to be charged by banks for the use of credit cards to pay traffic fines should not exceed 3 percent per ticket and, in case, the fine is paid in cash at elsewhere which is not the police station, the fine should be at most 20 baht per ticket.

The panel also suggested, besides commercial banks, other agencies should also be given an opportunity to provide the service for traffic fine payments.

Tiger Temple denies all the charges

Lawyer Saiyud Pengboonchu.

Luangta Chan, the abbot of Tiger Temple

Thai PBS
The Tiger Temple has denied all the charges filed against it and its abbot, Luangta Chan, by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation.

Luangta Chan’s representative, former Bangkok MP Siri Wangboonkerd and lawyer, Mr Saiyud Pengboonchu, told the media on Thursday that the abbot had nothing to do with the dead tiger cubs and amulets found at the temple during a raid last week by officials from the department, local police and military personnel.

All the 130 plus tigers which were kept at the temple and used by the temple to get donations from visiting tourists have been relocated to a breeding station in Ratchaburi province last week.

Luangta Chan re-emerged today after he disappeared following last week’s raid. He was briefly seen feeding some of the animals still left in the temple but did not meet with the media to tell his side of the story as promised.

Mr Siri told the media that the luangta could not meet with the press himself and assigned him to take his place at the news conference. Defending the abbot, he said the temple had never held any rituals to bless the amulets.

The lawyer, Mr Saiyud, claimed that the amulets were made by followers of the abbot without his knowledge or consent. He further said that the amulets and other items found in a car by the authorities were taken out of the temple by some followers because they didn’t want to make trouble for the temple and the abbot.

Illegal forest encroachment was one of the charges lodged against the temple by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation. The department also suspects that the temple may be involved in illegal wildlife trafficking.

Medical Council will not send specialists to Wat Dhammakaya

Thai PBS

The Medical Council will not send a team of specialists to Wat Dhammakaya to examine the health conditions of Phra Dhammachayo, the abbot of the temple.

Medical Council president Dr Somsak Lolekha said Thursday that the council had officially received a letter of notification from the temple asking for indefinite postponement of the visit to the temple by a team of specialists from the Medical Council.

The temple also said in the letter that the proposed examination by the specialists from the council would not have any bearing on the case against Phra Dhammachayo and that it did not want to put pressure on the council which is not a party in the conflict.

Dr Somsak said he interpreted the letter as a wish from the temple to cancel the specialists’ visit and, therefore, decided not to send them to the temple.

Regarding the medical certificate issued by Dr Siripong Pattanathanavisut, deputy director of the army’s Panurangsee hospital in Ratchaburi for Phra Dhammachayo, Dr Somsak said that a panel would be set up to investigate the issue and Dr Siripong would be invited to testify.

The council will also ask for Phra Dhammachayo’s medical record from Saha Clinic Rattanavech.

Wat Dhammakaya has claimed that it has a medical certificate from Panurangsee hospital confirming that its abbot was sick and could not leave the hospital to acknowledge the charges lodged by the Department of Special Investigation.

The Medical Council is empowered to demand medical records from all state-run and privately-owned hospitals and clinics. Any doctor who issued a medical certificate for a patient without actually treating the patient may have his/her license suspended or revoked for breach of code of conduct.

Thailand expects visits by over 10 million Chinese tourists this year

Thai PBS

Chinese tourists visiting Thailand this year are expected to rise over 10 millions.

This was expressed by Ms Srisuda Wannapinyosak, deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for marketing yesterday.

She said tourist arrivals from China to Thailand has considerably risen during this year’s first quarter and could probably exceed 10 millions by the end of this year.

She said 7.9 million Chinese tourists arrived last year.

According to The NNT, of that 10 million tourists, about three million Chinese tourists were reported to come as tour groups.

The rest would travel on their own and be considered quality tourists who might spend an average of 5,000 baht per person per day or some 50,000 baht per person per trip.

The TAT is confident that its marketing plans have been carried out effectively and has granted special awards for Thailand’s popular tourist attractions and activities among Chinese tourists, including the ”2016 People’s Choice Awards Voted by Chinese Tourists.”

The TAT will encourage prospective visitors from China to rate their favorite tourist attractions and activities in Thailand and get the chances to win trips to this country, she added.

City council will probe spending on renovation of top officials’ offices

Thai PBS
The City Council will investigate a report that the city administration has spent about 16 million baht in the renovation of the offices of Governor M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra and other top administrators.

It was also reported that renovation work had started even before a bid was called to choose the constructor.

Mr Nirun Praditthakul, in his capacity as chairman of the City Council’s public works and planning committee, said Wednesday that he had recently sought information from the public works office on three issues: Was the dispensing of budget in accordance with budgetary regulations? Was the renovation work completed? Was the renovation for each office proper?

An informed source, meanwhile, said that certain city officials were responsible for proposing the renovation without the prior knowledge of the top administrators.

When asked by reporters about renovation controversy, not a single city official was willing to offer any information.

Earlier, Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumbhand said that the renovation work concerns offices of top administrators, including his office.

Auditor-General Phisit Leelawachiropat, meanwhile, said the OAG would coordinate with officials of the public works office to find out the truth about the controversy.

Bangkokians told to brace for more sufferings from traffic nightmares

Thai PBS
Bangkok’s motorists and public transport commuters were warned to brace themselves for traffic nightmares at the end of this year when construction of three electric train projects are scheduled to take off.

The warning was issued by Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisit at a panel discussion on “Investment Opportunities in the Decade of Infrastructure Projects” on Wednesday.

The minister said that biddings for the three projects – Pink Line from Kae Rai to Min Buri, Yellow Line from Lat Phrao to Samrong and Orange Line from the National Cultural Centre to Min Buri – will start this month and construction is expected to commence at the end of the year.

He said that the construction work would definitely affect traffic flow and exacerbate traffic congestion because some of the roads where construction takes place will have to be closed.

The roads to be affected include Lat Phrao, Srinagarind, Samrong, Chaeng Wattana, Ram-inthra, Rama IX and Ramkhamhaeng.

Section 44 to be proposed to shut down Tiger Temple

Thai PBS
The Agricultural Land Reform is to propose the prime minister to invoke Section 44 of the interim constitution to shut down the controversial Tiger Temple as it might have involved in illicit wildlife trade.

The Office discovered that the temple was inappropriately using temple grounds and has encroached upon state lands.

According to Kanchanaburi branch of Agricultural Land Reform Office, the Wat Pa Laung Ta Bua or known as Tiger Temple had ill-used its land grant.

It said the land grant was issued for a total of 391 rai plot of land and the application was made through the National Office of Buddhism for exclusive use as temple grounds.

But it was discovered that besides the temple, a zoo was established and furthermore, construction of multi-storied commercial buildings and a dome not connected to religious activities were also done by the temple but located outside of the allocated plot.

As a result of this discovery, the Office said it is preparing a proposal for the Prime Minister to invoke Section 44 so that they can reclaim the property immediately and attend to other legal matters involved.

The Office said it had plans to either establish a Buddhist religious study center there instead or distribute the plots among villagers who have no lands of their own to farm.

In another related development a team made up of police, soldiers and officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation yesterday seized four tigers from a tycoon’s house in Wang Dong sub-district in Kanchanaburi municipality.

Two female and two male tigers were found there aged between 1–10 years of age.

Two caretakers were the only people on the premises while the whereabouts of the tycoon, Thawach Kajornchaikun, a Bangkok native who owns the house is unknown.

Officials have seized the property as evidence.

Pol Col Montri Paencharoen, the deputy superintendent of the Crime Suppression Department who has been charged with the responsibility of locating and rescuing another 20 tigers that were kept at the ‘Tiger Temple’ which has now gone missing, commented that the house that was raided was most likely a slaughter house that also serves as a clearing house for the distribution of tiger parts.

Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Chalermkiat Sriwirakan commented yesterday that there was a strong possibility that the entire case would be handed over to the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division to handle.

He elaborated that that was due to the fact that the case involves the nation’s natural resources which are the direct purview of the division.

He went on to reveal that an official probe has uncovered that at present there are no less than 30 tiger rearing establishments all over the country which will have to be checked.

If any of these establishments are keeping tigers without legal permits or involved with illegal activities, then immediate action will be taken.

Meanwhile a lawyer of Wat Pa Luang Ta Mahabua Wildlife Foundation Mr Saiyud Phenboonchu, said Luang Ta Chan, the abbot of the temple, would be returning to the temple on June 9 to personally host a press conference on the matter.

Summary conditions of HM the King in May

Thai PBS

A team of doctors responsible for treating His Majesty the King at Siriraj hospital gave a summary of his medical conditions from May 1-31.

A statement of the Bureau of the Royal Household released Wednesday said that during early May, HM the King had an inflammation of the knee joint but the condition improved a few days afterward following anti-biotic treatment.

On May 11, the King had fever and lingering coughs and the doctors administered antibiotics to treat a respiratory infection and later stopped applying antibiotics after his condition improved. The medical team continued to give the King oxygen and treatment to move excess saliva and phlegm.

On May 20, the medical team noticed an unusual movement of the King’s facial muscles and an X-ray showed excess fluid in the brain. They applied a drainage tube in his abdomen to drain excess fluid from the spine.

But throughout the month of May, the King suffered from stomach ache periodically causing him unable to eat enough food. The doctor’s team provided food for the King through intravenous tube.

Examination of the heart showed that the relaxation of heart muscles was unusual and antibiotic treatment was applied and doctors would follow up his condition.

Three killed in plane crash in Nakhon Phanom

Thai PBS
Three persons were killed when a trainer plane crash landed near Nakhon Phanom airport shortly after takeoff.

The plane with the pilot, co-pilot and a pilot trainee was on a training flight from Nakhon Phanom airport to Don Mueang.

The pilot, Pol Lt Col Somboon Kamnuengratanawongsa, sought permission from the control tower to take off at about 5 am Thursday.

But 30 seconds after the plane was airborne, the pilot sought permission from the control tower for emergency landing.

However the plane lost balance and crashed on the ground just 200 metres from the runway.

Killed in the fatal crash included co-pilot Sub Lt Chinawut Nualkrab, and a trainee Yingyos Udonpim.

The DA-40 type trainer plan plane belonged to the International Aviation College Nakhon Phanom.

However it lost contact with the pilot.

Airport and security officials now sealed off the crash site to facilitate a team of air safety personnel to investigate.

Popular islands in Trang closed to all visitors for 4 months

Thai PBS

Several popular tourist destinations in Haad Chao Mai national park in Trang province have been closed to all visitors for four months from June 1 to September 30.

The national park chief Mr Manote Wongsureerat said that Tham Morakot, Muk, Kradan, Choek and Wan islands which are popular spots for tourists have been closed as of today (Wednesday) to allow marine resources in the areas to rehabilitate naturally.

He noted that the warming of the sea water during the dry season has caused widespread coral bleaching, especially staghorn corals, hence it is necessary for the aforementioned islands which are rich with corals to be spared from human activity.

Court hands down heavy jailterms for Phuket illegal land grabbers

Thai PBS

Two men who used fake land documents to apply for title deeds for land in a national park and forest reserves in Phuket were given jailterms ranging from 8-13 years.

The Phuket provincial court found Mr Nakorn Wongseethong and Mr Chan Pongpa guilty of using fake Sor Kor 1 land occupation rights for 80 rai of land in the Sirinart national park and Khao Ruak-Khao Muang forest reserves which are adjacent to the sea at Ao Sakhu to apply for title deeds.

The two men were taken to the court by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation.

The court handed down 13 years jailterm on Mr Nakorn and fined him nine million baht while Mr Chan was given eight years and eight months and fined nine million baht. The jailterms were not suspended.

Sirinart park chief Mr Kittipat Tharapibaan said that the two defendants were merely representatives of the real mastermind who engineered and financed the land grabbing for profiteering.

Thais drink 4-7 times less milk than their neighbours and the rest of the world

Thai PBS

Thai people drink an average of 14 litres of milk a year which are 4-7 times less than milk consumption rate in other countries in the Asean region and the world making them shorter than the other people elsewhere, according to the study of the Health Department.

On the occasion of the World’s Milk Day today (Wednesday), Health Department director-general Wachira Pengchan urged Thai children to drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day while exercising and having enough sleep each day which will help increase their height.

He said that the nutrients in milk such as protein and calcium are vital for the growth of teeth and bones, especially fresh milk is more nutritious than flavoured milk because it contains more calcium.

The study from the Nutrition Office of the Health Department of the sour milk or yogurt, fresh milk and flavoured milk of 100 millimetres each shows that fresh milk contains 3.3 grammes of protein, 122 milligrammes of calcium, 38 microgrammes of Vitamin A, 20.21 milligrammes of Vitamin B while flavoured milk contains 2.3 grammes of protein, 101 milligrammes of calcium, 38 microgrammes of Vitamin A and 20.20 milligrammes of Vitamin B.

According to the milk consumption study of the Office of Agricultural Economics, Thais drink an average of 14 litres of milk per year compared to 60 litres/year for peoples in Asean and 103.9 litres/year for the rest of the world.

The average height of Thai male youths aged 19 is 169.5 cm and 157.5 cm for females. Adequate sleep will increase growth hormone which will increase height.

Bang Yai City raid nets 36 illegal migrant workers

Thai PBS
A combined force of 200 police, soldiers and district officials encircled Bang Yai City, a major shopping and commercial complex in Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi province this morning and rounded up over 200 migrant workers for checks of their work permits.

Nisit Chansomwong, Nonthaburi governor

The raid by the combined force came after many people in the area and visitors complained to authorities that a large number of migrant workers are working there, and they suspected the workers might enter the country illegally.

The raid at 2 am today was led by Nonthaburi governor Nisit Chansomwong.

A total of 233 migrant workers comprising Myanmar, Laotians, Cambodians, were rounded up for checks.

Authorities said 197 foreign workers have official permits to work, but 36 others have no official documents to produce to authorities.

They were later escorted to Bang Yai police station for temporary detention on charge of illegal entry.

The governor said the raid was also conducted in response to the order of the Prime Minister to tighten grip on illegal migrant workers in the effort to prevent crimes, drug trafficking, and labour abuse problem.

Thai-Myanmar entrepreneurs join business matching

PRACHUAP KHIRI HKAN, 1 June 2016 (NNT) – Entrepreneurs from Thailand and Myanmar have participated in a business matching session to boost trade and investment between both countries, says governor.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Governor Tawee Narissirikul and Myanmar’s Deputy Chairman of Myeik Chamber of Commerce and Industry U Tun Tun Win have presided over the opening ceremony of a business negotiation meeting between Prachuap Khiri Khan and Myeik chambers of commerce and industry at Had Thong Hotel, Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The meeting was attended by about 60 entrepreneurs from Myeik, Myanmar from various industries such as fisheries, construction materials, stone mills operators, and cashew nut farming. Myanmar businessmen have engaged in a business matching session with Thai entrepreneurs to strengthen their business relations and establish mutual investments.

On this occasion, Myeik Chamber of Commerce and Industry deputy chairman has said regarding the progress of road construction from Moo Dong Village to Myeik, that the project has reached 70 percent completion.

The Moo Dong Village - Myeik road is expected to play a crucial role in trade, investment, and tourism facilitation between both countries through the Singkhon special border crossing.

Drunk driver who killed three cyclists given two years imprisonment

Thai PBS
A woman who crashed her car into a group of cyclists killing three of them while under the influence of alcohol was sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Chiang Mai provincial court on Tuesday.

The court found Ms Patchuda Jairuen guilty of drunk driving causing deaths to three bicyclists. The incident took place on Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai highway in Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket district on May 3 last year.

The court initially handed down four years’ jailterm on the defendant but halved the sentence for her useful testimony without any suspension of the imprisonment. The court also revoked her driving licence.

Ms Patchuda was also ordered by the court to pay 1.7 million baht in compensation to the widow of one of the cyclists, Mr Samarn Kantha, and 435,000 baht in compensation to the parents of another victim, Mr Pongthep Kamkaew.

The defendant said she would appeal against her conviction and asked for bail through her lawyer.

Commenting on the court’s verdict, Dr Taeching Siripanich, secretary-general of No Drink Driving Foundation, admitted that he was surprised by the court’s refusal to suspend the jailterm for the defendant despite the fact that she is a student, noting that in most previous cases of fatal road accidents the court usually suspended the jailterm.

He said that the verdict should set a precedent for other drunk driving cases, noting that there are two important drunk driving cases still pending in the court.

Report about heavy fine for using cellphones at gas stations is untrue

Thai PBS

The Ministry of Energy has dismissed as untrue a report which has been circulating in the social media that anyone who uses mobile phone or who does not switch off the engine of his/her car while being refueled at gas stations will face a fine of 100,000 baht and/or one-year imprisonment.

Mr Vitoon Kulcharoenvirat, director-general of Energy Business Department of the Ministry of Energy, said Tuesday that the report was completely groundless and might cause public panic. He pleaded with netizens to stop sharing the false report.

He, however, said that the Energy Business Department has strict regulations governing the owners of gas stations and their employees, oil depots, oil trucks and LPG stores.

The regulations require gas station to have, at least, one personnel who has a license to work at the premise to take care of safety problem and whose duty is to warn motorists to switch off the engines of their cars and not to use cellphones at gas stations, Mr Vitoon explained.

In case a motorist shuns the warning, the station assistant can reject service for the motorist, he said.

Thai exports shrank 5.36 percent for the first four months

Thai PBS
The Thai National Shippers Council has expressed serious concern that Thailand may face economic crisis because of the gloomy global economy which has not recovered yet and has big impact on Thai exports.

Mr Nopporn Thepsittha, chairman of the TNSC, pointed out that exports for the month of April contracted by 8 percent which was beyond expectation and constituted the lowest in six years.

Minus gold and arms exports, exports for the months of February and March which registered 10.27 and 1.37 percent growth respectively should have contracted 3.75 and 1.05 percent respectively and these should have brought the Thai exports for the first four months of the year to minus 5.36 percent instead of minus 1.24 percent.

This is a clear indication that the global economy has not recovered yet and there are still a lot of uncertainties and the risk of a major economic crisis, said Mr Nopporn.

Transparency assured in selecting new National Housing Authority governor

BANGKOK,(NNT) – Social Development and Human Security Minister Adul Saengsingkaew said that the National Housing Authority (NHA) is recruiting a new governor of the agency.

The registration is currently open from May 24 – June 22, 2016, during office hours, 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Those interested can obtain further details and an application form from the Human Resources Management Division, Human Resources Department, National Housing Authority (Building 1, 13th Floor), Nawamin Road, Klongchan subdistrict, Bangkapi district, Bangkok, Tel: 0 2351 6794 and 0 2351 7039 or Fax: 0 2351 7526 (except public holidays). People can download the application form and view details on the website:

The minister said he had instructed officials to ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process.



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Thais drink 4-7 times less milk than their neighbours and the rest of the world

Bang Yai City raid nets 36 illegal migrant workers

Thai-Myanmar entrepreneurs join business matching

Drunk driver who killed three cyclists given two years imprisonment

Report about heavy fine for using cellphones at gas stations is untrue

Thai exports shrank 5.36 percent for the first four months

Transparency assured in selecting new National Housing Authority governor



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