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Update June 2017

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Update June 24, 2017

Pennsylvania man arrested after calling 911 for conversation

Allentown, Pa. (AP) - Police say a Pennsylvania man repeatedly called 911 while intoxicated because he was seeking conversation. Pennsylvania State Police say 51-year-old Larry Keiser first called around 10:30 p.m. Friday because he wanted to speak with a police officer. He said there was no emergency. Keiser called five more times, leading police to show up at his home in North Whitehall Township after midnight. The man told officers he drank several beers because he was upset about a family situation. Troopers told Keiser not to call 911 again unless there was an emergency, and he said he wouldn’t call again. Troopers say he called 911 the minute after officers left. Keiser has been arrested and is facing charges that include intentionally calling 911 for other than emergency purposes.

Dunkin’ Donuts sends cease-and-desist to local coffee shop

North Attleborough, Mass. (AP) - A Massachusetts coffee shop owner says he received a cease-and-desist letter from Dunkin’ Donuts claiming trademark infringement for riffing on the chain’s catchphrase. Steve Copoulos tells the Sun Chronicle he added window art reading “North now runs on Mike’s” on his Mike’s Coffee shop in North Attleborough. While he expected a few laughs from customers, Copoulos says he was surprised to find the letter from the Canton, Massachusetts-based coffee shop chain claiming he was infringing on their “America Runs on Dunkin’” slogan and Copoulos’ variation implied an affiliation. Copoulos says he wants to be the “exact opposite” of a corporate coffee chain and has since erased the sign. Dunkin’ Donuts, in a statement, said it wrote the letter, “In support of our legal rights under trademark law and in support of our franchisees.”

Italy police under fire for letting mob boss greet fans

Rome (AP) - Police in southern Italy are under fire for allowing one of Italy’s most-wanted mob bosses to greet his fans after his arrest and let them kiss his hand. Police arrested Giuseppe Giorgi early Friday in a bunker inside his home in San Luca, the base of some of the most notorious clans of the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mob. A video shown on Sky TG24 showed police jumping for joy after the arrest. But another showed them letting an un-cuffed Giorgi greet well-wishers outside his home as they escorted him out. One reached out for Giorgi’s hand and kissed it to show respect. Italian magistrate Federico Cafiero de Raho says police couldn’t have foreseen the gesture and insisted the arrest was a sign of police strength even amid such “tribal rites.”

WWII grenades from German flea market blow up in summer heat

(Henning Kaiser/dpa via AP)

Berlin (AP) - Police in western Germany say a neighborhood was evacuated after World War II-era grenades and other munitions bought at a flea market began exploding in summer-like heat. Police said Tuesday that authorities were called after an explosion Monday afternoon in the town of Hennef, east of Bonn. They arrived to find a garage in flames, and more explosions followed. They cleared a wide area around the home, shutting a stretch of railway and highway as experts were brought in. They secured the munitions and destroyed them in a controlled explosion in a field. The 51-year-old homeowner, who’s under investigation for weapons law violations, told police he bought the crate of munitions at a flea market and they apparently started exploding in the hot weather. There were no injuries.

Trump’s tweeted typo covfefe becoming vanity license plates

Augusta, Maine (AP) - President Donald Trump’s mysterious tweeted typo covfefe is coming soon to a license plate near you. The Maine Department of Motor Vehicles confirms someone claimed COVFEFE for a personalized license plate just hours after the Republican president’s now-infamous tweet at 12:06 a.m. Wednesday. Local media report it’s also happening in other states, including Nebraska and North Carolina. The word took social media by storm after the president tweeted about “constant negative press covfefe.” Trump later poked fun at it, saying, “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!” Whoever claimed the Maine plate remains just as much a mystery as the word itself. Twitter user Joe Blanchette tweeted a photo suggesting he was the lucky motorist. But he says he balked at the last minute out of fear of “plate regret.”

Update June 17, 2017

How do you move 40,000 bees?
Carefully, with just 3 stings

Fredericksburg, Va. (AP) - With just three stings and no serious injuries, two beekeepers have safely removed an estimated 40,000 bees that bedeviled a Virginia townhouse community. The Washington Post reports the 40-pound (18-kilogram) swarm was carefully snipped from a tree branch May 17 in a grassy area of the Fredericksburg community by 33-year-old Nathan Thompson and his 70-year-old father Earl. The two belong to a family of beekeepers spanning three generations. A county animal control officer, Anthony McCall, responded to the outsized swarm. But a sheriff’s office statement described McCall as a self-admitted “chicken” regarding bees. So he summoned Nathan Thompson, interim chief of neighboring Aquia Harbor police, for help. The Thompsons removed the swarm to beehive boxes. Now they hope the bees can be loaned out to help pollinate farmers’ crops.

New North Carolina restaurant deluged
by $300,000 water bill

Charlotte, N.C. (AP) - Two brothers launching a new restaurant in North Carolina found themselves deluged by a $308,000 water bill. But now their water worries are over. The Charlotte Observer reported that Faraz and Faisal Syed received the enormous bill in March, about two months before the Lazeez Mediterranean Grill had opened in that city. They say it covered just 13 days of service. The brothers had the restaurant checked by a plumber and there were no leaks. They also say water was cut off three times before service was restored Wednesday, two weeks after the restaurant had opened. Charlotte Water spokesman Cam Coley wouldn’t discuss specifics of what had happened, but says the issue had been resolved. Coley said it sometimes takes weeks or months to resolve billing issues.

Young men seek barbecue dad
for Father’s Day weekend

Spokane, Wash. (AP) - A group of men in their 20s in Washington State has posted a Craigslist ad seeking a generic dad to grill burgers and hotdogs for a gathering set for the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend in mid-June. Father’s Day in the USA this year falls on June 18. Qualifications include a minimum of 18 years of experience as a dad and 10 years of grilling experience. The successful dad must bring his own grill, but burgers and hotdogs will be provided. Dane Anderson tells KHQ-TV that the young men in Spokane don’t live with their fathers and, the ad says, none are prepared to fill the role of barbecue dad. Additional requirements include talking about dad things like lawnmowers, building your own deck and musician Jimmy Buffet. Payment is food and beer. Anderson says several potential barbecue dads have responded.

Subway performer attacked
by subway dancers using hula hoop

New York (AP) - A New York City subway performer says he was injured after an attack by a subway dance group that was angry they didn’t receive tips for a dance routine. Jean Loup Wolfman says he tried to calm down the dancers after they started threatening an elderly couple at the Union Square subway station on Monday. But his attempt to intervene led to the three unidentified dancers chasing him around the station, catching him and beating Wolfman with a hula hoop he was carrying for subway performances. The NYPD says they’ve arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with the assault. Wolfman needed stiches and staples for wounds sustained in the assault, but says he would do it again to help someone in need.

Wrong number text leads
couple to free Stanley Cup tickets

Pittsburgh (AP) - A text message sent to the wrong number led to a Pittsburgh couple scoring free tickets to see the Penguins play Game 2 in the Stanley Cup Final. KDKA-TV reports Amy Santora received a text offering four tickets to Wednesday night’s game against Nashville. She called the number, and the man at the other end said he sent the text to the wrong number. Santora says the man called her back a few minutes later, saying the text’s intended recipient only wanted one set of the tickets. The tickets were priced at $329. The man told Santora she could have them for free. Santora and her husband took the man up on his offer, finding seats behind the goalie. As for the mystery texter, Santora says “whoever you are, thank you.”

Update June 10, 2017

Cops put parking lot crack cocaine in ‘lost and found’

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (AP) - Police in northeastern Pennsylvania say they’ve put about $1,600 worth of crack cocaine in their “lost and found box” in hopes of reuniting the drug with its rightful owner. The (Wilkes-Barre) Citizens’ Voice reports the drug was found in the parking lot of a shopping center outside Wilkes-Barre (WILKS’-ba-ree). Wilkes-Barre Township police posted about the find on the department’s Facebook page. In a post headlined “FOUND ITEM,” police quipped the drug had been placed in the department’s “lost and found box” and invited the owner to come retrieve it. The post requested a picture of the crack’s owner holding the drug, along with ID and a “written statement containing your claim to the crack.”

German biker loses bag of cash,
raining bills over Autobahn

Berlin (AP) - German police say a businessman on a motorcycle lost a plastic bag stuffed with his day’s earnings while driving along a southern highway, sending a shower of cash across the Bavarian Autobahn. Ingolstadt police said Sunday the 36-year-old had been carrying about 9,000 euros ($10,000) in small bills Saturday night when he lost the bag on the A9 highway. The man, whose name wasn’t released, stopped his motorcycle and tried to collect the cash himself, and witnesses called police. Authorities temporarily shut down the stretch of the highway and helped the man collect his cash, but an estimated 1,500 euros was taken away by the wind before it could be recovered, the dpa news agency reported. Police say he was able to produce a slip showing the cash was his.

Florida woman finds python
while doing laundry

Cocoa, Fla. (AP) - Another day, another python in Florida. This time a woman found a python wrapped around her pet rat’s blanket while she was doing laundry. Juanita Tedesco called police after spotting the snake as she rinsed blankets Wednesday. She says she believes it was trying to get to her pet rat Princess. Cocoa police Lt. Mike Dellatorre tells WESH the snake is likely a pet that slithered away from home. It was the third python sighting in Florida in a week. On Tuesday police say a man in Orlando found a python coiled on the floor of his kitchen pantry. Last Friday a man found an 8-foot python in his garage in Pembroke Pines, north of Miami. Tedesco says it may be time to get rid of her pet rats.

Video shows South African police
pelting men with apples

Johannesburg (AP) - A recently released video shows South African police officers pelting suspected thieves with apples that had allegedly been stolen. The video, which was posted on media websites and social media, shows a group of officers in blue uniforms grabbing apples out of the back of a vehicle and hurling them at four men who are lined up at a roadside cliff, their backs to the police. The suspected apple thieves flinch as they are hit and officers can be heard chuckling. South African media reported this weekend that the incident happened in the Theewaterskloof area in Western Cape province. Reports say the local mayor condemned the incident and launched an investigation.

Brewing company creates beer
in honor of baby hippo Fiona

Cincinnati (AP) -The Cincinnati Zoo’s prematurely born hippo named Fiona is getting a new beer in her honor.Listermann Brewing Company is releasing a Team Fiona New England-style IPA. The hippo’s care team helped brew the beer.And the brewing company says 25 percent of the beer sales proceeds is being donated to the zoo’s care team.The brewing company describes the beer as having a soft mouth feel, hazy appearance with a fruit-juice flavor.Fiona was born at the zoo in January, weighing just 29 pounds (13 kilograms). She now weighs more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Zoo caretakers are preparing to move her to a group of hippos that includes her parents.Listermann’s general manager says watching Fiona grow up has been a joy.

(Chad Yelton/Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden via AP)

Update June 3, 2017

British WWII veteran, 101, breaks skydiving record

( via AP)

London (AP) - A 101-year-old D-Day veteran has become the oldest person in the world to skydive. Bryson William Verdun Hayes completed a tandem skydive from 15,000 feet (4,500 meters) with members of his extended family on Sunday at an airfield in Honiton, southwestern England. Among those jumping were Hayes’ son, grandson, great-grandson and great-granddaughter. At the age of 101 years, 38 days, Hayes broke the Guinness World Record held by Canada’s Armand Gendreau, who jumped in 2013 at 101 years, three days. When he landed, Hayes said he was “absolutely over the moon” at the achievement. The jump raised money for the Royal British Legion, a veterans’ organization. Hayes said he had wanted to try skydiving when he was 90, but was talked out it at the time by his late wife. He jumped for the first time last year at 100. Hayes served in the British Army during World War II, and was awarded France’s Legion of Honor for his heroic actions.

World War II vet reunited with love letter 72 years later

Westfield, N.J. (AP) - A love letter lost in the walls of a New Jersey home reached a World War II veteran 72 years after it was written. Melissa Fahy and her father found the letter in a gap under the stairs while renovating her Westfield home. The letter, postmarked May 1945, was written by a woman named Virginia to her husband, Rolf Christoffersen. Her husband was a sailor at the time in the Norwegian Navy. “I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun,” Virginia Christoffersen wrote. “That is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me.” Fahy told WNBC-TV in New York that she could not believe the love and admiration Virginia had for her husband. “It was really sweet to see that long-distance love,” she said. She decided to find the Christoffersens and deliver the letter, turning to a Facebook page for help. Facebook users located the couple’s son in California hours after Fahy’s post. The son read the letter to his 96-year-old father. Virginia died six years ago this weekend. “In a way, I guess it’s his wife coming back and making her memory alive again,” Fahy said.

Winners of Alaska spring guessing contest to split jackpot

Anchorage, Alaska (AP) - Organizers of Alaska’s favorite guessing contest say 42 winning tickets will split this year’s $267,444 jackpot. Nenana Ice Classic manager Cherrie Forness says tickets represent correct guesses on when the ice on the Tanana River moved. The ice went out at 1 p.m. Monday. For contest purposes, that means the official correct guess was 12 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Each of the winning tickets is valued at $6,367.71. The amount pocketed is $4,584.75 after 28 percent is withheld for the Internal Revenue Service. Forness says some winning tickets represent pools of people, so individual winnings are smaller for them. Thousands of people pay $2.50 per guess. The winning time is determined when a cable attached to a tripod on the river ice trips a clock on shore.

Looking for treats, black bear gets stuck in car, honks horn

Roanoke, Va. (AP) - The young black bear was probably looking for treats when he climbed inside a car in Virginia, but it managed to honk the horn. Roanoke police say the 200-pound animal got stuck and blew the horn, rousing the car’s owners about 5 a.m. Thursday. An officer was able to open the car’s back door, and the bear ran into the woods. Police say snacks were inside the car and reminded people to keep their cars locked. The incident comes shortly after a bear caused a spectacle in downtown Roanoke. Lee Walker of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries tells The Roanoke Times ( residents shouldn’t be alarmed about the multiple bear sightings. He says bears are more afraid of people than the other way around.



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