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Update November 2016

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
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Update November 26, 2016

Shoeless, shirtless, breathless, Aussie lawmakers still vote

Brisbane, Australia (AP) - Half-dressed, panting and disheveled, the lawmakers jolted awake by a middle-of-the-night vote were applauded by colleagues as they raced into an Australian state Parliament. The Queensland lawmakers were quite the sight as they ran onto the floor of Parliament in Brisbane in bare feet, shorts and T-shirts on Thursday. One lawmaker managed to throw on a jacket but lacked a shirt. The vote was called suddenly about 2:30 a.m. because opposition lawmaker Jeff Seeney was refused permission to give an unscheduled speech. Several lawmakers caught unaware rushed back to the chamber from a nearby accommodation block in various stages of undress. Lawmakers who were not caught napping laughed and applauded their panting colleagues while a government minister questioned Speaker Peter Wellington whether the shirtless man in a jacket complied with dress regulations. Wellington allowed the irregular attire and advised lawmakers to get to the chamber to vote as quickly as possible. Seeney lost his motion to speak 42-32 before Parliament was adjourned at 3 a.m.

Woman upset by Trump victory spends day giving out free hugs

Westerly, R.I. (AP) - A Rhode Island woman upset over the election of Donald Trump has spent her day giving out free hugs. Jenny Daley, of South Kingstown, tells  The Westerly Sun  that she woke up Wednesday and needed a hug and figured a lot of other people did, too. So the 31-year-old restaurant worker headed to downtown Westerly with a sign that said, “Need a hug today? They are free. Just ask.” Daley says she did not want to “spend the whole day in fear” so she decided to show love to as many people as she could. Daley gave out hugs to several people, including some who told her stories about their lives, and one woman who stopped and gave her an umbrella after it began to drizzle.

Nowhere to mooove: 3 cows stranded by New Zealand earthquake

Wellington, New Zealand (AP) - Three New Zealand cows looked like they could use a little help Monday after an earthquake triggered landslides all around them and left them stranded on a small island of grass. Video taken by Newshub news service from a helicopter near the small town of Kaikoura shows two adult cattle and a calf stuck on a chunk of land in a paddock that had been ripped apart in Monday’s magnitude-7.8 quake. The patch of grass was surrounded by deep ravines of collapsed earth, trapping the animals where they stood. It was not immediately clear who owned the cattle or what was being done to help them. Kaikoura is close to the epicenter of the overnight earthquake, and where one of the two confirmed deaths occurred. The quake was strongly felt to the south in Christchurch but was far less damaging than a smaller 2011 earthquake that devastated the city and killed 185 people. New Zealand’s 10 million cattle easily outnumber its 4.7 million people.

(Newshub via AP)

Burglar dressed as ninja takes katana sword from card shop

Anchorage, Alaska (AP) - A katana sword is missing from an Alaska card shop after a burglar in a ninja outfit broke in. KTVA-TV reports security cameras filmed the costumed suspect entering the Anchorage business sometime after it closed Friday and leaving with what looked to be the Japanese-style, curved sword. Spenard Bosco’s employee Erich Helmick said inventory is being checked but that so far it seems the sword is the only item missing. Helmick said the Anchorage Police Department responded to the incident and a report has been filed. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Update November 19, 2016

Man angry cops didn’t have arrest warrant for him is jailed

Ebensburg, Pa. (AP) - Police say a Pennsylvania man who became angry when told there were no outstanding warrants for his arrest has been jailed. Cambria Township police say 40-year-old Mervin Sollenberger arrived at the Cambria County jail late Tuesday to surrender on outstanding arrest warrants. But police told him there were no warrants for his arrest. WJAC-TV reports that’s when the Duncansville man became enraged, threatening to assault the jail’s guards and kicking a steel cage door at the lockup. Sollenberger has been charged with making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. He remained jailed Thursday after failing to post 10 percent of his $20,000 bail.

Minute hand plunges from Hamburg church tower; no one hurt

Berlin (AP) - A 20-kilogram (44-pound) minute hand has fallen off a clock on a Hamburg church tower, plunging 40 meters (130 feet) onto the sidewalk below. Hamburg’s fire service said Sunday that the hand fell off the city’s St. Katharinen church overnight from Friday to Saturday, news agency dpa reported. No one was hurt. Fire officials checked the remaining hour hand and determined that it was firmly in place. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the roughly 2-meter (6 -foot) hand to crash off the clock in the city in northern Germany.

Report: German man loses wedding band, carrot unearths it

Berlin (AP) - A retiree in Germany has struck gold in his garden, finding the wedding band he lost three years ago wrapped around a carrot. Germany public broadcaster WDR reports that the 82-year-old lost the ring while gardening in the western town of Bad Muenstereifel. The incident happened shortly after the man, whose name was not released, celebrated his golden wedding anniversary. WDR reported Friday that the man’s wife reassured him at the time that the ring would eventually reappear. She died six months before being proven right.

Spain: Town may fine church over ‘noisy’ bells

Madrid (AP) - A small Spanish town is considering fining a medieval church 16,000 euros ($17,500) because its bells are “too noisy.” The town hall of Mostoles, southwest of Madrid, said Tuesday that following complaints from residents, town technicians measured the noise level of the chimes of Our Lady of the Assumption Church and found they were some 30 decibels above the 55 rate permitted by town regulations. Experts say normal conversation produces 55-60 decibels while an airplane in flight produces 110-120 decibels. Parish priest Ignacio Torres told the El Pais newspaper the bells have always been tolling in the town, and that they were usually only rung at noon and before evening Mass. He said he had no idea how the church would pay the fine if enforced.

Colorado city uses toilet paper to help repair cracked roads

Littleton, Colo. (AP) - It’s not pranksters or vandals who placed toilet paper all over the streets of Littleton, Colorado, it was city workers. The Denver Post reports that Littleton crews have used bathroom tissue to help seal up cracks along more than 120 streets. Officials say toilet paper was applied with a paint roller over freshly laid tar used to fill asphalt cracks. The paper absorbs the oil from the tar as it dries, keeping it from sticking to pedestrian’s shoes or car and bike tires. The biodegradable paper will break down and be gone in a few days. Littleton spokeswoman Kelli Narde says the toilet paper allows traffic to retake the road more quickly.

Emirati police find strange fruit covered in writing, nails

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Police in one of the sheikhdoms of the United Arab Emirates say they found and determined a strange fruit covered in writing and nails was not dangerous. Police in Sharjah, a conservative emirate neighboring Dubai, posted a picture and video of the fruit found Saturday on a beach there. The yellow melon bore Arabic writing and appeared to have a cartoon picture of a person on it, with nails hammered into neat rows on the figure. Police say they spoke with officials at the emirate’s Islamic Affairs Department and determined it not to be a threat. While more relaxed on social issues than its Arab neighbors, items associated with black magic and witchcraft are illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

(Sharjah Police Agency via AP)

Update November 12, 2016

Thief of Advil gets jail for his 12th shoplifting conviction

Lancaster, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania man has been jailed for stealing a $4.49 bottle of Advil because it was the 12th time he’s been convicted of shoplifting. A Lancaster County jury convicted 51-year-old David Springer in June of taking the Advil from a Giant store last year. He was charged with a felony because of numerous retail theft convictions. Police say Springer stole the pills by stashing the bottle in his pocket even though he paid for other items that day. Judge Jeffrey Wright says Springer is a threat to society because he keeps stealing. Springer will serve four months in county prison, five months on house arrest, 14 months on parole and three years on probation. He was sentenced Oct. 4. A message was left Monday for an attorney representing him.

Ukrainian man renames himself
iPhone 7 to win the phone

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - A Ukrainian man has officially changed his name to iPhone 7 after an electronics store offered the latest Apple product to the first five people who do that. The 20-year old iPhone Sim (Seven) got the coveted prize Friday. He said he might change it back to his original name, Olexander Turin, when he has children. The price of phone starts at US$850 in Ukraine, while the name changes costs the equivalent of $2. Sim’s friends and family were shocked at first but eventually supported the idea. His sister, Tetyana Panina, said “it was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true.” She added: “Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?”

In lieu of flowers, justice:
Paper runs ‘Walking Dead’ obit

Batesville, Ark. (AP) - Many viewers of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” took the shocking deaths of two fan favorites in the latest season premiere as personally as a death in the family. One Arkansas newspaper took it a step further. This week, the Batesville Guard newspaper published an obituary for - spoiler alert- the popular character of Glenn Rhee, who was brutally killed in the newest episode of the zombie apocalypse drama. With a headline of “RIP, Glenn,” the obituary says the character’s “commitment to moral principles in a world-gone-mad breathed hope and promise into those around him.” The obit seeks justice for Rhee’s death in lieu of flowers. The newspaper says the obituary was written by Frank Vaughn, a soldier currently stationed in Puerto Rico who writes occasional columns for the paper.

Texas tow truck driver takes
pricey sports car for a spin

Pearland, Texas (AP) - A tow truck driver found a $110,000 sports car just too tempting and decided to give it a spin after towing it from a Houston-area home. But the driver was unaware the Nissan GT-R is equipped with a sophisticated system that records video, audio and speed. The car’s owner, Brian Montgomery of Pearland (PEHR’-l’nd), was able to watch the video of the joyride after the car was returned to him. Montgomery told KPRC-TV in Houston that he was having trouble with the car last weekend and decided to have it towed to a Nissan dealership. But the car was taken to the tow truck company instead. Montgomery says the car recording shows it was driven at 75 mph through residential neighborhoods. The Pearland Police Department is investigating.

Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?
Some viewers of photo aren’t sure

A photo of a man with a crying toddler is making the rounds online as people debate whether it depicts Bill Murray or Tom Hanks. The photo was shared by the Facebook group “Reasons My Son Is Crying” three years ago. It identified the man standing with a crying toddler as Bill Murray at the famed St. Andrews golf links in Scotland. Immediately, some Facebook users commented that the person who shared the photo must have been mistaken because it was clearly Hanks. The BBC reports that it contacted the mother of the boy in the picture and confirmed that it was indeed Murray. She also shared a copy of the photo she later had signed by Murray. (AP)

Update November 5, 2016

Down the toilet: Farm stand turns outhouse into voting booth

(Sean Hurley/New Hampshire Public Radio via AP)

Ashland, N.H. (AP) - A New Hampshire farm stand is letting customers put their votes for president where he thinks they belong: right in the toilet. Owens Truck Farm is home to an outhouse-turned-fake-voting booth with mannequins of presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and toilets to cast ballots. Farm stand owner Chris Owens tells New Hampshire Public Radio that customers have been stopping by for photos and to vote at the Ashland farm. He says he’s collected a couple hundred ballots already. Above the Trump mannequin is a sign that reads, “If I am elected, we will build a wall between Plymouth and Rumney, and Rumney will pay for it,” referring to two nearby towns. Owens plans to tally the just-for-fun votes next month.

Battle over school toilet paper breaks out in Spanish town

Madrid (AP) - A row over a public’s school’s toilet paper supply has broken out in a Spanish town, prompting local officials to step in. The government-run Rafael Garcia Valino primary school in Yepes, a town 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of Madrid, recently sent out a list of supplies students need for class this year. Among the pens, notebooks and erasers was an unexpected item: six rolls of toilet paper. One parent, Carmen Contreras, complained on her Facebook page that the requirement was “totally surreal.” She said the school told her it didn’t have enough money for toilet paper. The ABC newspaper says Yepes town hall has offered to resolve the shortage by supplying rolls for the whole school. No one was available at the school or town hall Monday for comment.

Teams skirt NFL video policy with homemade signs, toys

Philadelphia (AP) - Some NFL teams are going old school to find ways around a league policy that prohibits team social media accounts from sharing their own highlight videos. Sports Illustrated reported earlier this month that the NFL is strictly limiting its teams from sharing their own video or animated graphics of highlights. The teams are limited to reposting video from the NFL’s accounts. SI reports a league memo said teams can be fined up to $100,000 for multiple infractions. With that in mind, the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns got creative on their Twitter accounts Sunday. The Browns used a video <> of toy football players to celebrate on Twitter after a touchdown. The Eagles used a similar video <> to show an interception, complete with a homemade sign.

Sign of times? New skis: Left 1 Clinton, right 1 Trump

Burlington, Vt. (AP) - Here’s a sure sign the 2016 presidential campaign has gone downhill: A Vermont ski maker is out with a new pair featuring Hillary Clinton imagery on the left ski and Donald Trump on the right. The Burlington Free Press reports that Renoun, in Burlington, has introduced the pair showing intricate artwork, with equal-opportunity dissing of both candidates. The Trump ski shows him wearing a button with the message “#1 most disliked,” while Clinton is wearing a “#2 most disliked” button. The Clinton ski features police tape, for those who think she’s a walking crime scene, while the Trump ski features a border wall, for his widely panned anti-illegal immigration plan. But at more than $2,000 a pair, the skis may be only for moguls.

(Courtesy of Renoun via AP)




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