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Update September 2016

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
Odds & Ends

Update September 30, 2016

Pizza man dons pink bikini bottoms for fantasy football loss

Toms River, N.J. (AP) - The punishment for a New Jersey pizza man who finished last in his fantasy football league included a very public walk of shame and a pair of women’s underwear. Angelo Boemio, 42, marched down a roadway in Toms River wearing only pink women’s bikini bottoms and sneakers while hoisting a sign signifying his fantasy football misfortune. The pizzeria owner strolled along Route 9 for 10 minutes on Labor Day, inducing hilarity and horror in pedestrians and motorists. Boemio told the New York Post that people honked their horns and a woman with four children in her minivan drove back-and-forth five times as the kids laughed at his display. Police also called his business to say they were getting calls from concerned citizens, he said. “People were calling to say there’s some weirdo in a bikini walking down Route 9, but the officers knew it was a product of fantasy loss, so they let us have our walk of shame,” Boemio said. The league is made up mostly of pizzeria owners and adopted the shame-inducing statute two years ago to keep participants from losing interest once their teams had no shot of winning the league. “Now the league is no longer about winning,” Boemio said. “It’s just about not coming in last place. No one wants to be mortified.”


NYC museum invites viewers to use 18-karat gold toilet

New York (AP) - A New York City museum is offering visitors a chance to sit on a golden throne, but only in private. As part of his “America” exhibit at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan replaced the toilet in the museum’s fourth-floor restroom with a fully functional replica cast in 18-karat gold. Viewers are invited to use the solid gold toilet just as they would any other facility. It’s the first piece Cattelan has exhibited since his 2011 retrospective at the Guggenheim. It opens on Friday. The museum says on its website that the exhibit “offers a wink to the excesses of the art market but also evokes the American dream of opportunity for all.”

(Kristopher McKay/Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum via AP)

Olive oil helps free man stuck in jetty while fetching phone

Narragansett, R.I. (AP) - A man who got stuck head-first between two rocks on a Rhode Island jetty while trying to retrieve his cellphone has been rescued with the help of olive oil. WJAR-TV reports it happened Saturday afternoon near a fishing area in Point Judith. Authorities say the man dropped his phone and got stuck up to his chest when he bent down to retrieve it. Narragansett firefighters and environmental police spent most of the afternoon trying to free him before the tide came in. After about 2 hours, they were able to remove him with the help of olive oil. The man went to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia and a small injury to his foot.

Binary bandit? Someone stealing of ones, zeros from homes

Philadelphia (AP) - Philadelphia police are “addressing” an unusual crime spree: Someone is stealing the ones and zeroes from addresses mounted on people’s homes. WTXF-TV says it’s happening in the city’s East Kensington section. Meghan Haley says she noticed the zero missing from her home on Wednesday and saw a woman stealing it when she checked her surveillance video. Another woman, Krista Ricca, was awakened by the sound of a power drill about 4 a.m. and saw a man stealing a number from her neighbor’s home across the street. The news website Billy Penn first reported the thefts. Scott Fisher had a zero stolen. He says he doesn’t know if “someone is trying to send a message or someone just has an obsession with zeroes and ones.”

Update September 24, 2016

Kevin Bacon loves Baconfest invite,
is sorry he can’t attend

Brattleboro, Vt. (AP) - The town has struck out in its attempt to bring home the bacon - Kevin Bacon, that is. Brattleboro wanted the actor to visit for its third annual Baconfest, a celebration of all things related to the fatty cured pork strips. But he tweeted his regrets on Monday, saying in a video that he won’t be able to make it to Baconfest because he’s filming in Vancouver. He said he appreciated the “hilarious effort” that went into trying to get him there. The Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce launched a social media blitz last month inviting Bacon to Saturday’s event. Residents have been photographed with a life-size cardboard cutout of him called Flat Bacon as part of the campaign. Flat Bacon even appeared with Democratic U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy and Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin, who recorded a video urging the actor to show up. “Kevin, Vermont has the coolest little town in America called Brattleboro. I was born there. I still love it,” Shumlin said. “They’re going to have a bacon festival. It will be the best bacon and the best little town in America, and we need you.” When asked about the likelihood of the real Bacon attending, the chamber’s executive director, Kate O’Connor, told WCAX-TV: “Pretty much zero, but we thought it’s worth a try and it’s sort of kooky enough that perhaps there’s a chance.” Baconfest features races, music and bacon recipes. It’ll end with a screening of the 1984 Kevin Bacon film “Footloose.” Kevin Bacon, who’s from the Philadelphia area, told Baconfest organizers and attendees to “have a great time and enjoy the bacon.”

In this Aug. 1, 2016 photo provided by the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, right, and his wife Marcelle pose with a life-size cardboard photo of actor Kevin Bacon in Brattleboro, Vt. (Gregory P. Lesch/Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce via AP)

A literal shotgun wedding:
Couple weds at shooting club

Dewitt, N.Y. (AP) - A New York couple has taken the idea of a shotgun wedding literally: They married at a shooting club five years to the day after they first met at a trap-shooting competition. The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports 36-year-old Lynn Mapstone donned her wedding dress after outshooting 47-year-old Peter Derrigo at Sunday’s shoot-off at the DeWitt Fish and Game Club. The two met at the club during a local trap-shooting league’s annual championship shoot-off tournament. It was Mapstone’s idea to have a shotgun wedding at the same place and on the same day that they met. The couple exchanged vows on a trap house, a low structure that houses the machine that launches the targets. During the pre-wedding competition, Mapstone hit 44 of 50 targets. The groom-to-be hit 33.

Study: Five-second rule is too generous
for fallen food

New Brunswick, N.J. (AP) - It might be time to reconsider the five-second rule when thinking about eating food that has fallen on the floor. Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey say in a new study that bacteria can contaminate food that falls on the floor instantaneously. The findings were published this month in the American Society for Microbiology’s journal. Researcher Donald Schaffner said the five-second rule is a “significant oversimplification of what actually happens when bacteria transfer from a surface to food.” Schaffner’s research isn’t the first to conclude that the favorite excuse for why that yummy snack that fell on the ground is still OK to eat is wrong. The research did find that longer contact time means more bacterial transfer, but that the type of food and surface is just as, or more, important. The Rutgers researchers tested watermelon, bread, bread and butter, and gummy candy on stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood and carpet. They found that watermelon had the most contamination, and that transfer of bacteria is affected most by moisture.

Update September 17, 2016

Newspaper: Sorry for mixing up Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas

Philadelphia (AP) - The editor of the Philadelphia Daily News is apologizing for his newspaper running a photo of American gymnast Simone Biles with a column about fellow Olympian Gabby Douglas. Michael Days took to Twitter Wednesday to say editors “screwed up.” He says “we are embarrassed, and we apologize.” Ronnie Polaneczky wrote the column titled “She Can Vault Over the Vitriol” about the onslaught of mean comments Douglas has faced on social media during the Rio games. However, the photo accompanying the column shows Biles mid-routine with a caption reading: “Gabby Douglas: Olympic Gold Medalist, need we say more?” Polaneczky tells WCAU-TV she was “mortified” when she saw the photo error.


Cops: Angry man throws pizza and punches at police station

Dallas, Pa. (AP) - Authorities say a drunken driving suspect upset that his vehicle was still impounded a week after his arrest threw pizza and punches at a Pennsylvania police station. Police in the tiny borough of Dallas say 44-year-old Sean Mulloy showed up Thursday and began wrapping a chain around the railing outside the police station. He also had a statue and a full box of pizza with him. Authorities say when the patrolman who arrested Mulloy last week confronted him at the station, Mulloy started throwing punches and pizza and had to be subdued with a stun gun. Mulloy is charged with aggravated and simple assault and resisting arrest. He remained in the Luzerne County jail Friday awaiting an Aug. 25 preliminary hearing. He doesn’t yet have an attorney.


GPS device in stolen cigarette box leads to arrest

Hagerstown, Md. (AP) - A GPS device inside a stolen carton of cigarettes led to the arrest of two robbery suspects in Maryland. The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown reports that 42-year-old Shawn Bullard and 45-year-old Warren Strouse entered pleas this week in connection with the December 2015 robbery of a Hagerstown store. Hagerstown police say they had placed GPS devices on the carton of cigarettes with the store manager’s permission following a series of robberies in November. When the robbery occurred the following month, the store clerk offered one of the suspects the box of cigarettes, which he took. Police later located the suspects after tracking the GPS signal on the carton. Bullard was sentenced to 12 years in prison with six years suspended; Strouse was sentenced to 12 years with eight years suspended.


Woman admits crickets, worms spilling on subway was a stunt

New York (AP) - A woman who caused chaos aboard a subway train by releasing a container of crickets and worms says it was all a prank. Zaida Pugh tells the New York Post  she had the episode videotaped “to show what homeless people go through.” The NYPD says it’s still looking into whether Wednesday’s incident was staged and whether Pugh and the woman on the train are the same person. If so, she could face charges. Pugh told the Post on Friday that a friend intentionally flipped the container over. She says the passengers attacking her also were part of the stunt. Startled passengers had crickets on their arms and worms wriggled on the floor. Someone pulled the emergency brake, halting the train for 30 minutes. Pugh says that wasn’t planned.


Shirtless suspect catches ride on Florida school bus

Bradenton, Fla. (AP) - Deputies in Florida arrested a shirtless 27-year-old burglary suspect after they say he caught a ride on a school bus. The Bradenton Herald-Tribune reports that when Erik Hall boarded a school bus without a shirt Tuesday morning, the driver thought he was a student. Authorities say the driver told Hall to put on a shirt. Hall didn’t comply and sat down. Hall later told the driver he wasn’t a student and that he just needed a ride. The driver pulled into a school, waved down an administrator and school resource officers questioned Hall. He was released, but deputies learned later he was a suspect in a burglary that morning. Deputies tracked him down, and he’s now charged with trespassing on school property. An attorney for him isn’t listed on jail records.

Update September 10, 2016

London flight delayed for hour as easyJet crew members argue

London (AP) - An easyJet flight from London’s Gatwick Airport to Belfast has faced an hourlong delay after two crew members got into an epic shouting match. Shocked passengers tweeted about the argument that grew so heated that the two crew members had to be removed from Wednesday’s flight. Dan Lobb, a television presenter on the flight, described the scene as “unreal.” He tweeted: “This is quite incredible. We’ve all worked with people we don’t get on with right? But this tiff means a 1 hr flight is delayed!” The low-cost carrier confirmed what it called a “verbal disagreement” and apologized to passengers for the inconvenience. The company said Thursday that the safety and welfare of easyJet passengers and employees required crew members “to be able to work as a team.”

UK broadcaster shuts down for hour, asks viewers to exercise

London (AP) - One of Britain’s leading broadcasters has blacked out its programs for an hour in hopes of spurring viewers to get some exercise. ITV shut down broadcasts on several of its channels Saturday morning as part of its effort to entice UK citizens to sports clubs, which are being opened for free this weekend as part of a national event called “I Am Team GB.” Many viewers lauded ITV’s challenge to couch potatoes, describing on social media the activities they’d been inspired to do. Others, predictably, stuck to their sofas and poked fun at the gesture, describing the blank screens as the best entertainment they’d ever seen on ITV. One viewer said his remote-control thumb had a good workout. ITV is sponsoring the weekend’s sports-promotion activities alongside the National Lottery.

Sausage strife in Germany: Pedestrian hits BMW with bologna

Berlin (AP) - A BMW driver brought out the wurst in a pedestrian in Germany, who dented the luxury vehicle with a 30 centimeter (foot-long) bologna saying the car was going too fast and endangering his son. Police in the eastern city of Neubrandenburg said Wednesday the sausage strife broke out over the weekend when the 49-year-old man and his 8-year-old son were crossing the street. As a 47-year-old BMW driver tried to scoot quickly into a nearby parking spot, the pedestrian yelled “stop” but after the car didn’t slow, he threw the sausage he was carrying at it. The bologna triumphed over Bavarian engineering, leaving a small dent in the BMW’s back right door. Police say the pedestrian is suspected of causing property damage. The bologna was not seized as evidence.

Ultralight pilot in Germany spends night in tree after crash

Berlin (AP) - The pilot of an ultralight aircraft in Germany spent more than 12 hours stuck up a tree after rescuers were unable to reach him overnight. Police in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said the unidentified man crash-landed in the tree late Monday about 30 kilometers east of Stuttgart. Attempts to bring the man down from his lofty perch 30 meters above ground had to be abandoned at nightfall because of the risk that the plane and its pilot might be dislodged and fall to the ground, police said. The 59-year-old was eventually rescued unharmed Tuesday.

Crafty! Beer-testing lab helps students learn chemistry

Portland, Maine (AP) - A Maine professor is hoping to brew interest in her chemistry class by keeping the topic on beer. University of Southern Maine professor Lucille Benedict tells the Portland Press Herald  it can be challenging to keep students engaged in chemistry, so she started using beer as a testing medium. Benedict oversees the school’s new Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Research Laboratory. The lab has partnered with the Maine Brewers Guild to provide testing and training for breweries and brewmasters. Students say the beer-testing lab allows them to use science to solve real-world problems. Classes for brewers begin in the fall. They focus on how a flawed brewing process can contaminate or ruin beer. Brewers can also send samples to the lab for testing. The lab charges $25 for basic testing.

Update September 3, 2016

New Mexico restaurant selling ‘black olives matter’ shirts

Albuquerque, N.M. (AP) - An Italian restaurant in New Mexico is drawing criticism on social media for making merchandise with a slogan mimicking the Black Lives Matter movement. News station KOAT-TV in Albuquerque reports that Paisano’s in Albuquerque is selling “black olives matter” shirts and hats after making national headlines for putting the phrase on a sign outside the restaurant. Owner Rick Camuglia says he emblazoned the phrase on the restaurant’s main sign to sell a new recipe: a tuna dish with black olive tapenade. Camuglia posted pictures of the dish and the sign on Facebook, drawing complaints he was being insensitive and trivializing a movement aimed at trying to stop police shootings of black residents. Camuglia says he’s not trying to stir racial tensions and was only trying to sell food.

Homeless awareness campaign breaks fist-bumping record

Anchorage, Alaska (AP) - Three hundred people in Alaska looking to raise awareness of homelessness are the new world record holders in fist-bumping. KTVA-TV reports ( a Guinness World Records representative verified each of the fist bumps passed along a line of registered participants in a fenced-off area Saturday. An improper fist bump could have meant disqualification. The United Way of Anchorage organized the event. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, Alaska First Lady Donna Walker and people who work with homeless youth were among those who joined in. United Way of Anchorage president Michele Brown said fist-bumping was chosen to represent a strong affirmation of what the community stands for. The previous record was set by a chain of 250 people.

German cop hops on kid’s bike to pursue, nab suspect

Berlin (AP) - Four wheels bad, two wheels good. That’s what German police must have thought when their car got stuck on a narrow path while pursuing a moped-riding suspect. Rather than give up, one of the officers jumped on a child’s bike and successfully chased down and arrested the 27-year-old suspect. Police say the suspect, who had evaded a traffic stop Tuesday in the southern German town of Bamberg, was found to be carrying drugs and driving under the influence. Police spokeswoman Silke Gahn said Wednesday the officer, after the arrest, gratefully returned the 22-inch bike he had borrowed.

Ohio woman who missed bus is charged with stealing ambulance

Cincinnati (AP) - Police say a woman who missed the last bus for the night is accused of stealing an ambulance to get home from a hospital in Ohio. Court documents filed in Hamilton Municipal Court in Cincinnati say 43-year-old Lisa Carr is accused of getting into an ambulance that a driver had left running Thursday night and driving to her home in suburban Cincinnati. The driver apparently had left the ambulance to go inside the hospital with a patient. Police say the Springfield Township woman was arrested after a short pursuit. They say she told them she took the ambulance because she had missed her bus home. Carr is charged with theft, failure to comply with a police order and driving under suspension. Court records don’t show an attorney for her.

New York farm creates 8-acre ‘Super Mario Bros.’ corn maze

Newark Valley, N.Y. (AP) - The images of Mario, Luigi and friends have been carved into the fields of an upstate New York farm as part of a corn maze based on Nintendo’s “Super Mario Bros.” game series. ABC News reports it’s the latest installment of an annual themed maze at the Stoughton Farm in Newark Valley. Owner Tom Stoughton says the farm’s mazes typically attract about 10,000 visitors annually. An aerial photo of the 8-acre maze clearly shows Mario, Luigi and fellow Mario Bros. characters Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi carved into the cornfield. Stoughton says he created the maze based on a design by a Utah company. He says creating the maze usually takes a few weeks and involves “a lot of math.”




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